Access Control

Hager powered by Salto

An electronic access control line that provides customizable, dynamic, and value-driven security solutions for practically every application.


how it Works

Using Data-On-Card allows all four platforms to be seamlessly integrated with one another.

Smart credential technology allows you to finally “lose the key.”

ProAccess SPACE lets users choose and pay for only the features and functions they need now, with the flexibility to upgrade accordingly in the future as their needs grow.

The SALTO JustIN Mobile app enables a user to receive their key online, anytime, and anywhere.


The HS4 platform is a robust and dynamic solution that can provide tailored benefits to nearly every type of installation at a fraction of the upfront and ongoing costs.

The HS4 platform is designed to be a robust and dynamic cost effective access control solution that is delivered through innovation, reliability, and security.

There is a multitude of benefits that extends throughout the process from the ease of ordering and system design to updating user access rights.

An overview of the HS4 benefits.