Hager University

Hager University

Hager University has a large assortment of lessons covering a multitude of door hardware topics: from bored and mortise locks to electronic access control, from thresholds and weatherstripping to delayed egress.

Each lesson is tailored to a specific hardware topic or product type and takes just eight to 15 minutes. And the best part, it’s all online. Whether you are a novice or just need a refresher course, Hager University is the best way to collect information in small, easily manageable segments.

Hager U Certificates

We’ve added a new feature to Hager University! Learners can now create and print certificates proclaiming their progress in Hager University.

Follow these instructions to create and print your certificates. Hager University is divided into “paths”, each of which contains several lessons. First, click on the topic card for the path you would like to create the certificate for. If you have completed the path, you will then be able to click on the red thumb badge and a certificate will be created. This can then be printed and displayed in your workspace or filed for reference.

How to print certificate
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