What is Anodizing, Why Anodize, and Why you should Anodize with Hager?

Hager offers several anodized aluminum products, but have you ever wondered what ‘anodized’ means and why it is done?

Aluminum anodizing is an electrolytic process that creates a controlled and uniform pore structure or anodic oxide layer on an aluminum surface. Unlike plating which is an electrolytic process that builds or bonds finishing metals to a surface in a cathodic or “throwing” process, anodize is an anodic process that consumes some of the surface creating a barrier layer and then “grows” the pore structure on top. As the anodize finish is an integrated part of the surface, it is not susceptible to cracking or peeling like paint.

Why should you anodize parts?

Anodizing an aluminum part will stop the natural oxidation process, maintaining a uniform finish for much longer than unfinished aluminum. Unlike iron-based metals that rust (oxidize) red when unfinished, unfinished aluminum will naturally oxidize white. Also, unfinished aluminum has a very delicate surface, leaving it vulnerable to wear and scratches. When a part is anodized, the surface becomes much harder and much more resilient.


Why should you Anodize with Hager Companies?

Hager Operations located in Montgomery, Alabama consists of our state-of-the-art distribution and production center. Hager Operations is a pivotal part of Hager Companies’ approach to go above and beyond to bring the Hager difference to you.

Hager Companies’ Montgomery Operation has an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience in plating and other electrolytic processes. Years of cultivating a robust and talented team has resulted in numerous beautiful and uncompromising finishes. Though anodize is different than plating, our experience in electrolytic processing has provided an excellent source for building the same quality into the Hager Anodize Process. We have more flexibility and control over the finish quality of our products. Additionally, we anodize our hinges in sets which allows us to better insure the color conformity of each individual set. We anodize our aluminum hinges after milling which provides a harder smoother wear surface for our product.


He has been with Hager Companies since 2015 as a Hager associate and before that since 2009 as a contractor in various projects. When he’s not working, he enjoys time with his family building treehouses, camping, and trying to keep up with their latest interest “Whatever the kids want to do”. 

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