Hager Product Maintenance

The following are general tips and advice for providing
proper maintenance of Hager products.


• Hinges must be free swinging without any binding. The use of shims to align hinges, if required, is satisfactory.

• Hinges should be well greased and checked on a regular basis for lubrication. We recommend that hinges used in commercial, high-frequency applications or those in extreme environmental conditions be lubricated annually to ensure quiet operation and long life.

• Standard hinges are best lubricated by removing the pin, applying a generous coating of lithium grease, and reinserting the pin by driving it completely down to the shoulder of the pin head.

• Hospital Tip (HT) hinges that have fixed hinge pins have an oil port on the knuckle for the purpose of lubrication. The hinge knuckle is designed with a .107 diameter lubrication port set at 15 degrees off the leaf, making it accessible when the door is opened 90 degrees. Lubrication is accomplished with a standard, manual grease gun fitted with a rubber cone tip (Lincoln Rigid Adapter #83278) using white lithium grease. With the door at 90 degrees, insert the rubber tip into the lubrication port in the barrel of the hinge and pump grease until it flows from between the single and double knuckles.
• If hinges are sized properly for the door and the frequency of use, they will last for a considerable period of time. 

• Steel hinges are intended for use on interior applications only. Brass and stainless steel hinges can be used for either interior or exterior applications. Paint or plated finishes over steel or brass are for decorative appearance only. All steel will eventually rust and all brass will eventually tarnish. To slow the corrosion or tarnishing process, a lacquer coating is applied between the steel or brass and the atmospheric conditions. Plated finishes receive a clear coating of lacquer.
• Hager’s painted finishes will withstand a standard salt spray test of 48 hours and plated finishes coated with clear lacquer will withstand a standard salt spray test of 24 hours. Care should be used when installing hinges to avoid damage to the paint or plated finish.

• To remove dirt, simply wipe with a soft damp cloth. Abrasive cleaners or lacquer thinner should not be used to clean the surface of hinges. To do so will void any warranty for the product.

• If hinges begin to make any noise, remove binding conditions and grease or lubricate all moving parts.


• No additional lubrication is required.
• An occasional removal of airborne debris may be accomplished with a mild detergent. This will help maintain the appearance.
• The use of Loc-Tite on all screw threads is recommended for hinges on all public buildings.
• Hinge screws should be periodically inspected for tightness in high traffic areas.


• Abrasive cleaners or lacquer thinner should not be used to clean the surface of this product. To do so will void the warranty for the product.
• Periodically lubricate any moving parts with WD-40 or a light grease.
• Periodically inspect screws for tightness. 



• Occasionally remove airborne debris from the surface and tracks.
• Periodically inspect screws for tightness.


• Care and maintenance of clear protective coatings or other organic finishing applications may require different methods of cleaning and care. As an example, all hardware finishes should not be cleaned with solvents or abrasives; surfaces should periodically be cleaned with a mild, non-abrasive soap and dried lightly with a soft, clean cloth.

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