Classroom Security Intruder

With the heightened increase in violence and the past school tradegies, security is top of mnd for educators and school facility managers across the nation. Most schools aren’t equipped with the newest effective locks to secure individual classrooms. Hager Companies understands the need for heightened security in the classroom and offers a multitude of mechanical, electromechanical, and access control products designed to protect schools and the occupants of individual classrooms.

Hager’s 3495, Classroom Intruder

is a cylindrical lock keyed on both sides of the door and allows the key on the inside to lock or unlock the outside lever. The inside lever operates the latchbolt for immediate egress at all times. An indicator rose (as shown) helps ensure the key is turned in the proper direction during times of emergency.

Hager’s 3857, Classroom Security Intruder, is a mortise lock keyed on both sides of the door with the deadbolt thrown or retracted by a key on either side. Throwing the deadbolt locks the outside lever preventing entry by intruders. Turning the inside lever simultaneously retracts the deadbolt and latch and unlocks the outside lever

Hager also offers electromechanical and access control products that could benefit any security strategy:

• Fail Sale/Fail Secure Locks
• Exit Device Electric Latch Retraction 
• Fail Safe/Fail Secure Exit Device Trim

• Electric Strikes
• Keypads
• Proximity Card Readers
• Key Switches

While you can‘t put a price on student safety, Hager provides competitively priced products with an industry leading Lifetime Warranty, giving school districts peace of mind when it comes to  security and product longevity.

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