Cadco Architects

WB Kibler Construction Co.

Tex-Oma Builders Supply

The Abilene Wylie ISD Performing Arts Center

Abilene, Texas

Adding electronic access control to a construction project after it has begun could cause major scope shift but with the Hager powered by Salto HS4 system it wasn't as difficult as one would think.

While the interior doors hadn't been installed before the change order took place, the exterior aluminum storefronts had. Tex-Oma Builders Supply, an HS4 authorized distributor, installed HS4 electronic access control on nearly every interior locking door and then added card readers to the exterior doors.  

The school district likes this system because of the way it functions wirelessly and the price-point matched their budget. The system will be able to grow if the school decides to expands.

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