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ANSI A156.3 Type #21B


Two #12 x 1" OPHWS, Two #6 x 3/4" FPHWS, One #8 x 3/4" FPHWS, Two #8 x 3/4" TPHWS


US3, US10, US10B, US26D


Cast Brass with rubber roller and nylon cam roller

Mounting Bracket

1" x 5-15/32" (25 mm x 139 mm)

  • For use on pairs of doors to allow inactive door to close before active door
  • 297D Coordinator recommended when using self-latching flush bolts on inactive door
  • For use with automatic flush bolts only
  • Recommended for use with flush top metal doors only when using a metal door with automatic flush bolts
  • 297C Carry Bar is needed when installing an astragal
  • The carry bar will keep the astragal from damage when the inactive door is opened first
  • Gravity action arm and door bracket are adjustable on the job for ease of installation
  • For use on pairs of doors with astragal on active door up to 4' (1219 mm) wide or with astragal on inactive door up to 3'4" (1016 mm) wide or with astragal on both doors up to 2-10" (864 mm) wide
  • Non-handed
  • Maximum astragal overlap- 7/8" (22 mm)
  • Minimum rail height- 2-1/2" (64 mm)
  • Do not use spring hinges with coordinating device
Product Description

Gravity Coordinator


7" (178 mm)

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