Made In America

Hager Companies started producing hinges in the early 1900’s by hand forging and other manual procedures in the St. Louis area. During August W. Hager’s leadership, new machinery was designed to meet the demands of the new century.

Hager’s hinge production continued to grow when contracted to produce massive quantities of custom hinges for locks on the Panama Canal Project under President Teddy Roosevelt. 

During World War I government orders for hinges continued to keep the manufacturing facility producing at maximum capacity. That changed in the 1930’s as Hager and the rest of the world experienced the Great Depression.

We kept our organization together. We never closed down. We worked five half days instead of five full days in order to give our employees some work. We kept going in spite of the fact we were losing money. We stocked our inventories and kept our complete workforce intact.” 

After World War II Hager Companies expanded again and moved into manufacturing and production of commercial hinges while modernizing their factories.

The decision was made in 1970 to open a state of the art machinery and processes facility in Montgomery Alabama to streamline production.

We expanded our traditional product lines in the late 1980’s to include Roton® Continuous Hinges, Thresholds and Weatherstripping and the vast majority of our trim and auxiliary items, which are all manufactured at the Montgomery facility.  

The majority of our products meet The Buy American Act – BAA, which was passed by Congress in 1933 and signed into law by President Hoover. In order to compete with other manufacturers who moved their hinge production offshores we do off our ECCO line.

We are proud to say the majority of our products are made in the USA. We pay domestic taxes, hire local, and contribute to the communities we are located in, all which strengthen the US economy and further the American dream.

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