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  • Airport & Public Facility Security and Safety
  • Loss Prevention
  • Restrict the egress of patients for safety - Wandering Patient and Infant Protection (Compatible with Hugs® and other patient tracking systems)
  • Intended for single doors with latching or non-latching hardware
  • Tandem model intended for use with pairs of doors with latching or non-latching hardware where activating the lock unlocks both doors
Case Quantity

ANSI certified, ANSI Grade 1

Code Compliance
  • International Building Code (IBC) 1008.1.8.6 Delayed Egress Locks
  • International Fire Code (IFC) 1008.1.8.6 Delayed Egress Locks
  • NFPA 101, Life Safety Code Delayed Egress Lock
  • California Building Code (CBC) 1008.1.8.6 Special Egress Control Devices
  • BOCA, National Building Code 1017.4.1.2 Special Locking Arrangements
  • Chicago Building Code 10 (13-160-269) Electromagnetic Locking Devices (Certificate of approval available)
20 mA at rest, 115 mA active
  • Field selectable voice and tone or tone only (75 db @ 3 feet)
  • Voice and digital display provides informative annunciation for people without prior knowledge (including the blind and hearing impaired)
  • Voice provides warning or safety message, countdown and time of door release Digital countdown display indicated if the door was opened after lock release
  • Choice of 15 second exit and 1 second nuisance delay or field selectable 15 or 30 second exit delay and 1 or 2 second nuisance delay Field selectable security or safety message
  • Field selectable activation
  • Field selectable automatic or manual relock upon power up after emergency release
  • Integrated 3 position key switch: Provides lock and alarm reset Manual power up sustained bypass, time bypass, adjustment for 1, 15, 20 or 30 seconds
  • Field selectable door prop alarm: Alarm sounds when the door has been left open after selected bypass time has elapsed Anti-tailgate feature
  • Alternating 85db tone and voice message


How To Order

Operation (Must Specify): NA - IBC, IFC, NFPA101, NFPA1-UFC, UBC, SBC Compliant ND - IBC, IFC, California Building Code OSHPD, NFPA 101, NFPA1-UFC, UBC, SBC Compliant BD - BOCA National Building Code CH - City of Chicago Building Code


20 mA at rest, 115 mA active

Mag Lock Models
Standard, Tandem-delayed egress mag lock
Mag Lock Options
  • None
  • Anti-Tamper, Magnetic Bond Sensors, DPS
  • DPS
  • Magnetic Bond Sensor
  • Magnetic Bond Sensor, DPS
  • 2958 Single
  • 2958T Tandem
  • Reset Control:
  • Built in key switch - 1-30 second timed bypass, sustained bypass and alarm reset (std) (Not available with BOCA and Chicago operation)
  • Built in reset push switch. Available with NFPA (NA) only
  • Less key or push switch (No price reduction)
  • SVR exits must include rod covers
  • Door position switch (DPS) is recommended
Operational Functionality

Typically used on exit doors when unauthorized egress is initiated when in the locked mode The person exiting must wait the specified 15 or 30 seconds where available The door unlocks after 15 seconds permitting egress

Optional Features
  • None
  • Built-in Key Switch
  • Rectifier for AC Operation
  • Door Position Status (DPS)
  • Magnetic Bond Sensor (MBS)
  • Anti-Tamper Switch (ATS)

Two, SPDT Dry , 3 Amp @ 28VDC

Product Description

1,650 lb. holding force, Surface mount - single, 12/24 VDC

Product Name

Magnetic Lock

Product Number
Switch Operation
  • IBC
  • IFC
  • NFPA
  • UBC
  • SBC


  • Dual Voltage Sensing
  • 12/24 VDC +/- 10%
  • 830mA @12VDC, 450mA @ 24VDC

1 Year


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