The design process of multi-use facilities must consider use, ease of access, aesthetics, and security. This is a complicated goal to achieve in any setting, but mixed-use facilities present a very particular set of challenges. Unlike traditional office space, these buildings typically have a mix of retail, office, and dining spaces on the ground level and living space above, either in the form of apartments and condominiums or hotel rooms. Without the right door hardware and security solutions in place, it can be difficult to strike the proper balance that will feel welcoming to customers and guests while maintaining the safety and security of residents and staff.

Our Solutions

Mixed-use facilities require coordinated door hardware and Access Control solutions that work on multiple operating systems and meet the aesthetic, functional, and security demands of retailers, tenants, occupants, and property managers. Our product portfolio has several possibilities allowing you to choose the best option for your facility.

security & safety

compliance requirements

the latest technology

along with enhanced performance

Aesthetic systems

Aesthetic systems

enable numerous visitors

Specialized door hardware

all rooms have different requirements


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