Buildings used by local, state, and federal government agencies face a unique set of challenges; they must offer a secure environment for the civil servants who staff them, as well as access to the citizens whom they serve. The expectations and requirements of government buildings to provide safe and secure environments are both specific and intricate. Recognizing the intricacy of this market segment begins with assessing the current landscape of government-specific security regulations.


Our Solutions

We are driven to solving the complex challenges of controlling movement throughout a building or entire campus. Our extensive product portfolio affords the architect, designer, and developer creative and operational freedom while prioritizing the levels of security and access required by the U.S. Government and military campuses.

From local city halls to federal military bases, no matter what level of government or type of building being designed, our smart product solutions create a secure and welcoming user experience. The appropriate selection of doors and hardware is needed to achieve this balance, and our door hardware seamlessly integrates with the building controls to achieve effective, facility-wide security.

security & safety

compliance requirements

the latest technology

along with enhanced performance

Aesthetic systems

Aesthetic systems

enable numerous visitors

Specialized door hardware

all rooms have different requirements


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