Security has become increasingly complex, and nowhere is this more evident than in healthcare. Keeping patients, staff, and visitors safe and maintaining an environment that is comfortable and conducive to healing requires a delicate balance between freedom and security. We believe optimizing your facility’s physical environment can have a direct link to improved patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, staff satisfaction, productivity, and financial performance. Given the freedom nurses, doctors, and staff are afforded to do their jobs, it is important to be able to control who has access to areas in and around medical centers and hospitals.


Our Solutions

Our solutions are proven to support hospital operations, staff needs, and patient management while providing the balance necessary for freedom, security, and the continuum of care necessary in healthcare facilities.

Healthcare facilities often require complex door opening codes. Not only is it important to meet these requirements, but it is also ideal to optimize overall performance. Behavioral health patients are at high-risk for suicide in healthcare facilities, even when regular patient monitoring checks are in place. Openings in these areas have special requirements and must minimize the risk of self-harm while maintaining a balance of patient security and safety.

security & safety

compliance requirements

the latest technology

along with enhanced performance

Aesthetic systems

Aesthetic systems

enable numerous visitors

Specialized door hardware

all rooms have different requirements


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