The Tool and Die Maker will cut, shape, finish, and maintain tools, dies, fixtures, and jigs made of a variety of metals. Setup and perform first article inspections of new, modified, and repaired tooling.

  • Plan, lay-out and perform machining operations and bench work.
  • Design, repair or modify dies, tools, fixtures, jigs, etc., which may be of complex design, to close tolerances and finish requirements.
  • Implement preventative die maintenance and repairs or modifications on secondary and progressive metal stamping dies.
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings and specifications of tools, dies or fixtures as required to create and build new fixtures, tools, and machine parts.
  • Compute dimensions, plans, layouts and determine assembly method and sequence of operation.
  • Uses computer-aided design (CAD) software to create designs and/or turn designs into blueprints.
  • Setup, operate, and maintain machine tools to cut, drill, mill, bore, and grind or otherwise shape a work piece to prescribed specifications.
  • Troubleshoot tools and implement adjustments and modifications on the bench and at the press.
  • Disassemble dies on table to verify dimensions to part print, set clearances, using measuring instruments such as dial indications, gauge blocks, dial calipers, and micrometers.
  • Remove defective components and repair; fit and reassemble parts using hand tools. Create drawing of parts to be fabricated; insert repaired or replacement part, verify clearances and reassemble die.
  • Set up and operate machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, grinders, and drill presses to fabricate tooling, and die components. Verify conformance to drawing specifications.
  • Troubleshoot progressive, secondary dies, roll mill lines and production equipment.
  • Sharpen dies and perform preventative maintenance on progressive and secondary dies.
  • Verify conformance of finished work pieces and assemblies to specifications using precision measuring instruments.
  • Implement engineering changes on tools and dies.
  • GTAW (tig) welding may be required.
  • Follow all safety and environmental regulations.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or required. 

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