Numerous AIA CES registered continuing education courses are offered by Hager’s team of industry experts. These on-site or virtual,

one-hour courses are an excellent way for architects to

stay abreast of industry trends and challenges. 

available courses include

access control - 101 1.0 lu/hsw

This course defines the differences between access control “head-end” systems and traditional (metal cut keys) key replacement systems. We will review the different types of credentials (metal keys, card keys, fobs, etc.) as well as battery operated products vs. fully hard-wired electrified locking systems. Lastly, we will teach you the do’s and don’ts for code compliance.

ada: meeting accessibility standards for openings - 1.0 lu/hsw

This course features an overview of compliance with ADA, physical disabilities, and ANSI 117.1 Chapter 404 Doors, Doorways, and Gates. We will also discuss approach dimension compliances.

architectural hinges 101 - 1.0 lu/hsw

This course is an excellent overview of door hanging methods and how to properly select the correct hinge, in size, weight, base material, etc. to ensure the proper selection for all applications, including oversized heavy doors, corrosive environments, and fire doors.

architectural door harware 101 / 1.0 lu/hsw

This course will describe hardware nomenclature, correct sequencing, specifying hardware, and code compliance.


This course features an overview of all components needed to complete a circuit, functions of electrified door hardware, and operation narratives. 

Door hardware submittals - 1.0 lu/hsw

Both users and components of the hardware submittal are discussed in this course, as well as what to look for in product data sheets. Learn to determine if openings meet all codes, as well as confirm design, function, and quality as specified.  


Facilities are taking a second look at how people move through their buildings and what products can help reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. This course offers door hardware options available as well as understanding the codes that may affect these options.

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