There were many exhaustive deliberations before the Hager team decided to embark on the “Euroline” quest.

Most of us in the door hardware industry are familiar with ANSI – American National Standards Institute, BHMA – Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, along with UL – Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek. However these standards and fire codes, which are strictly enforced in the United States and Canada, are not customary in approximately 90% of the rest of the world.

European standards – EN and CE – are dominant in Europe, the Middle East and most of Asia. Any hardware products sold into areas that embrace these standards must meet their cycle and fire tests, which are completely different than those of ANSI and UL.

Here in the States commercial locks are sold as a complete unit. European locksets are sold in component form: lock body, lever set and cylinder. This allows end users to mix and match cylinders, levers and lock bodies from a vast array of different manufacturers.  It also allows multiple mechanical and electronic keyways to be used interchangeably. This modular approach allows for greater flexibility on the jobsite.

Hager Companies launched the “Euroline” in late 2008. It consisted of a complete product portfolio including door controls, exit devices, mortise locks and accessories.

Since that time the product line has expanded and Hager Companies has been successful in marketing “Euroline” products in Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. In addition, our “Euroline” products have recently passed separate stringent fire tests in mainland China. This will allow Hager Companies to furnish our “Euroline” throughout the Peoples Republic of China on commercial buildings. 

As always, service is our number one priority and that is true for our global customers as well. We have representatives across the globe as well as distribution centers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Zhuhai, China.