Door hardware is approximately 1% of a total construction project and yet it is definitely one of the most challenging.

The definition of a door hardware submittal is a collection of documents that contain all the pertinent information to complete a project. This compilation is based on the project manual, drawings and field conditions.

It is imperative the door hardware schedule is correct as several sub-contractors, i.e., painters, masons, framers & electricians, use the schedule to help in their field of work.

Once the project has been completed the owner/end user can use the hardware schedule, with the close out documents, for maintenance and upkeep.


There are 8 main components of a door hardware submittal:

Cover Sheet

Contact Information

Table of Contents – Door Index

Abbreviations and Symbols

General and Special Comments

Door Hardware Location

Hardware Heading

Product Data


A Table of Contents page or Door Index page is often overlooked and yet it can save considerable time when you receive a phone call from the general contractor or a sub-contractor asking about hardware on a specific door. You can flip to this page, find the door number and note the heading number assigned and page number and then flip to that specific page.

There are some instances where the door hardware submittal heading numbers will veer from the architect’s hardware sets. This may happen if both a fire door and non-fire door are included in the same hardware set by the architect and the set doesn’t include a door closer. In order to avoid confusion the fire rated door should be broken out into its own hardware heading. Including both the architect’s set number and the hardware heading number in the table of contents or door index is helpful to keep everyone on the same page.

Another helpful page to include is abbreviations and symbols. Abbreviations should be explained in detail as they may differ from hardware supplier to hardware supplier.

The all-important comment page where you can include both general comments that are noted on every project and special comments for this specific project.  An example of a general comment is “all changes to the hardware schedule must be done in writing”.  Special comments would call attention to any inconsistences you noticed…”Please verify opening 101B is to be 36” wide” or “HW Set #5 is for Fire Rated openings; No door closer was specified; per NFPA 80 it is required.  A closer has been included in the set.

Typically architects will include information as to the proper installation location for door hardware or refer back to the Door and Hardware Institute standards. This information is important to be communicated between the frame, door and hardware suppliers. Nothing is worse than a distributor receiving a phone call that the lock location for the 20 doors that just hit the jobsite is in the wrong location. Including the hardware location information in the door hardware submittal can help avoid those calls!

The balance of the hardware schedule is the actual door hardware headings and product data sheets. 


Keep in mind that the door hardware sequence should always be in this format:

Hang the Door

Secure the Door

Control the Door

Protect the Door

Trim the Door


We offer a HSW 1 credit Program called Door Hardware Submittals if you would like to learn more about creating the best door hardware submittals.