government & military solutions


Government facilities have a diverse set of user credentials that can seem impossible to manage with mechanical key systems and can be complex and expensive with some traditional access control systems. In nearly every case, the network’s integrity and security is of the utmost concern. This generalized set of needs requires a robust and secure system, and the HS4 is designed to deliver.


The scalability of the HS4 system is an ideal solution for not only complex installations but relatively simple ones as well. Some installations may be very well suited for the HS4 data-on-card platform, while others may need the real-time control of the HS4 platform. User credentials are encrypted using AES128, and by following 802.15 standards, the wireless platform resides on a closed network. The data-on-card also encrypts data using the AES128 standard, and it is a true read-write technology.

project design

Each project presents a unique set of requirements. The HS4 system is designed to fit this criteria, and in doing so Hager’s network of certified professionals will:

  • Explain the benefits of each HS4 platform
  • Conduct explorative conversations to fully understand the needs of the facility and project 
  • Design the best solution for your project 
  • Coordinate and communicate the project timelines and expectations
  • Install and commission the HS4 system
  • Train the end user on the system, software, and management tools 



Hager is here to answer any questions and address any needs with your current project. We value your business and are here to help.

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