Healthcare facilities have a range of access control opportunities that can improve staff efficiency, secure pharmaceuticals, and provide a better patient experience. Exterior openings, interior openings, lockers, and even mobile fleets need to be secured, and issuing and tracking keys can be a worrisome undertaking for many facilities. Not all access control solutions can provide better key management, improve patient experiences, track staff activity, protect pharmaceutical access, and control operational expenses on one platform. The HS4 system does just that and more at a fraction of the expense of traditional access control systems.



Staff members such as doctors, nurses, and administrative personnel need access to specific areas during their shifts. That may include patient rooms, surgical rooms, supply rooms, pharmaceutical cabinets, patient records, personal lockers, and other areas. Issuing keys in such complex facilities for so many users with differing access credentials is costly and risky. Mobile fleets such as ambulances have secured medication cabinets that often times require a key. Patients may have an assigned locker for their personal items.

The HS4 system provides a solution to all of these areas and more. Patients can feel secure knowing that their room is only accessible by those that need access and that their same credential can be used to access their personal items. Staff activity can be tracked, and administrative offices and medical records can be fully secured. Pharmaceutical cabinets, either stationary or mobile, can be secured and accessed only by the appropriate personnel.

All of this is accomplished with the HS4 wire-free design, which greatly reduces the initial investment and reduces operational expenses of both traditional access control systems and mechanical keyed systems. The HS4 system can also be integrated with building management software systems, allowing the HS4 products to execute specific operations under specific circumstances. With an open architecture platform, the HS4 system can be integrated while still maintaining a high level of secure and encrypted network and credential management activity. Another benefit of the HS4 platform is that the smart credentials can come in the form of water resistant cards, key FOBs, or bracelets.

project design

Each project presents a unique set of requirements. The HS4 system is designed to fit this criteria, and in doing so Hager’s network of certified professionals will:

  • Explain the benefits of each HS4 platform
  • Conduct explorative conversations to fully understand the needs of the facility and project 
  • Design the best solution for your project 
  • Coordinate and communicate the project timelines and expectations
  • Install and commission the HS4 system
  • Train the end user on the system, software, and management tools 





The Centro Medico Zambrano Hellion is an innovative medical center in Monterrey, Mexico that brings together highly specialized medical care, research, and continuing education to Mexico and to the world. It features a new, 105-bed hospital that houses 300 doctors and cares for 50,000 patients each year- 10,000 of whom will be hospitalized. The medical center also includes a number of institutions that specialize in specific areas of medicine. Hager provided a full line of quality door hardware, including Full Mortise Hinges, 3800 Series Sectional Mortise Locks, 311H Push/Pull Latches, 5200 Series Door Closers, 198S Door Protection Plates, Threshold & Weatherstripping products, and much more.  



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