Educational institutions including K-12, Universities, Colleges, and Trade Schools all have varying building and installation designs and quite often have multiple buildings with many doors and openings that need to be secured. Traditional access control solutions make it difficult to electronically secure doors behind the perimeter. This means that the interior doors are usually on a keyed system, but with so many users keys are bound to be lost. These types of traditional designs create complexity in maintaining the integrity of a traditional key system. 


The HS4 system is scalable, robust, and an economical solution that is ideal for educational facilities. The wire-free design vastly reduces product, installation, and operational expenses, making the HS4 system a viable access control solution for perimeter openings, interior openings, lockers, and other secured areas that could also benefit from audit trail information. With real-time features such as lockdown, door positions, and immediate credential updates, the HS4 wireless platform has been deployed throughout many schools, universities, and colleges. User credentials can be issued when needed and can include access to locks well beyond the perimeter including classrooms, lockers, dorm rooms, supply closets, and other areas with traditional keys.

project design

Each project presents a unique set of requirements. The HS4 system is designed to fit this criteria, and in doing so Hager’s network of certified professionals will:

  • Explain the benefits of each HS4 platform
  • Conduct explorative conversations to fully understand the needs of the facility and project 
  • Design the best solution for your project 
  • Coordinate and communicate the project timelines and expectations
  • Install and commission the HS4 system
  • Train the end user on the system, software, and management tools 






Formerly the Bracebridge IV Building, this historic building was donated to the Longwood Foundation by the Bank of America. The CEB, an independent entity of the Longwood Foundation, created a charter public school system for grades K-12 with an emphasis on high performance. Recognizing the demanding environment, Hager specified and supplied Grade 1 3800 Series Mortise Locks, 5200 Series Closers, 7000 Series Overhead Stops, and 4500 Series Exit Devices. Also supplied were Trim & Auxiliary and Threshold & Weatherstripping products.



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