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Commercial and retail spaces have a vast range of access control installations. Some of these systems require an access control management system to manage users and keys, improve employee efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. Other systems require increased security for safeguarding a server room, HR records, or providing general security. For a number of reasons, many access control systems are limited to the perimeter and specific areas within the perimeter. Hager powered by Salto provides a complete solution that secures the perimeter, other specific areas, and provides end-users complete, intuitive control from their workstation. 


The HS4 system is unique and robust in that it has been designed to fit the installation without limitations. The wire-free design significantly reduces the initial investment. With all of the reporting and changes being performed at the administrator’s workstation, operating efficiencies are greatly increased. With a true data-on-card platform that reads and writes to user credentials, administrators and facility managers no longer have to update each lock because the users and their credentials do this for them. The wireless platform increases security with an expansive functionality offering instant lock and user credential updates, instant lock feedback such as propped door alarms, and other real-time controls including tracking staff activity. The ProAccess SPACE software can operate as a sole system or can integrate with building management software platforms. 

project design

Each project presents a unique set of requirements. The HS4 system is designed to fit this criteria, and in doing so Hager’s network of certified professionals will:

  • Explain the benefits of each HS4 platform
  • Conduct explorative conversations to fully understand the needs of the facility and project 
  • Design the best solution for your project 
  • Coordinate and communicate the project timelines and expectations
  • Install and commission the HS4 system
  • Train the end user on the system, software, and management tools 






Their mission is to serve authentic BBQ from the freshest ingredients while giving back to communities and to the men and women who have sworn to protect our country, as well as first responders. With 96 locations currently and more in the planning stages, providing robust door hardware with flawless performance was vital to the building design. Offering comprehensive solutions for their entrances, including Roton® Continuous Geared Hinges, Exit Devices, Door Controls, and other traditional products, Hager is proud to be a part of their mission!                                                          


Hager is here to answer any questions and address any needs with your current project. We value your business and are here to help.

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