assisted living


Assisted living facilities are a rapidly growing market segment. Access control solutions are being widely used in these facilities to manage users and their access rights and to help protect patients. As more assisted living facilities are developed, the need for dynamic access control solutions will grow exponentially. 


Hager powered by Salto not only brings a customized solution to each opening but also a solution for the entire facility. Some openings may only need read-write capabilities while other openings may need real-time control. The HS4 platform is robust in many ways, including SVN solutions for patient and resident rooms with online updating access points at the wing entrance. Real-time readers control prescriptions, medical supplies, and other important materials. As the facility evolves and identifies a need to adapt, the HS4 platform is scalable allowing for changes to the system.

project design

Each project presents a unique set of requirements. The HS4 system is designed to fit this criteria, and in doing so Hager’s network of certified professionals will:

  • Explain the benefits of each HS4 platform
  • Conduct explorative conversations to fully understand the needs of the facility and project 
  • Design the best solution for your project 
  • Coordinate and communicate the project timelines and expectations
  • Install and commission the HS4 system
  • Train the end user on the system, software, and management tools 







An upscale facility, The Sheridan features 43 assisted living apartments plus 41 memory care residences sitting on 3.9 acres with nearly 69,000 square feet of finished space. Working with the warm tones of the design, the door hardware was supplied with a dark bronze finish. The 4500 Series vertical rod exit devices were provided less bottom rod to avoid tripping hazards. Furnished with the August lever style that meets ADA ANSI A117.1 requirements and provides a continuous look throughout the project, the entry doors utilized 3800 Series mortise locks and the interior doors 3600 Series tubular locks. Both provided the necessary security and dependability of a commercial lock with a more residential look. Hager’s contribution to the project provides aesthetically pleasing door hardware that complements the interior design yet maintains the security required to keep the residents safe.



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