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The Importance of Secure Doors in a Commercial Building

Guest post by Brian Jeffries Although it may seem like common sense, having secure doors is an extremely important aspect of operating a commercial building. Unfortunately, this is a reminder that many building owners need to hear, as inadequate doors in some...

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Celebrating the Women of Hager

March is filled with occasions to highlight and celebrate the women of Hager Companies. The beginning of March kicks off Women’s History Month, which includes Women in Construction Week from March 6-12 and International Women’s Day on March 8. Did you know that women...

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Engineers Work in the Door Hardware Industry

In honor of National Engineers Week, we are highlighting Hager Companies’ Engineering Teams. Hager Companies utilizes the talent of three different types of engineers: product, design, and manufacturing engineers in both our St. Louis and Montgomery locations....

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Gasketing Options: Good, Better, and Best

by Sonny Hager What commercial building product has a positive impact on any unwanted sound, air, light, smoke, and improves energy efficiency? Adding gasketing to your next project can provide these benefits. But how do you know which gasketing product is the best...

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Understanding Lockset Grades

Founded in 1925 as the Hardware Manufacturers’ Statistical Association, now known as the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, BHMA took a leadership role in developing standards for builders hardware to ensure quality and performance.  Hardware is a key...

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Why is the bottom rod missing?

Have you ever come across a pair of doors that have just a top vertical rod exit device and not top and bottom and wondered why? Often an architect or specification writer will specify “less bottom rod (LBR)” on pairs of doors in healthcare facilities.This photo was...

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Creating LEED Buildings

Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources began before the 1970s, but it was the oil prices increase during that period that spurred the movement. The green building field formalized in the late 1980s and 1990s when several organizations developed committees,...

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170 Years & Six Generations

We’ve heard the story about Charles Hager leaving Germany in 1848 and ending up in St. Louis working for a blacksmith. Through hard work, skill, foresight, and determination he created a company that is still in business today, 170 years later. It’s a testament to...

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Don’t Get Locked Out!

Understanding which lock function a customer needs can mean the difference between a happy customer or an unhappy one, if the lock doesn’t function how they expected. The function is the mechanical behavior of the lock. The need (or not) for security on the door...

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How to Hand a Door

You can date how long someone has been in the door and hardware industry by how they explain how to hand a door.  People in the industry for 30 years or more have heard the term “put your butt to the butts” in order to hand a door. At one time hinges were called...

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