Features:  - Single person installation
- Pre-drilled mounting holes for ease of installation
- Built-in adjustable door stop for protection against wind or abusive environments 
- Onboard power supply for accessories ie. electric and magnetic locks, sensors, etc.
- Blow open function for smoke ventilation (alarm contacts)
- Boost on close - selectable power assist and additional force for the last 10 degrees of closing
- Non-handed
- Equipped with cycle count
- Factory setting for ANSI 156.19 speed requirements AND hold time delay 
- Night mode for integration and timing of access control readers with electric strike and automatic opening of the door
- Microprocessor controlled to allow for optimized computing power and processing speed
- Optional use of a programmer to access a myriad of other functions for field environmental adjustments (part number 2-679-0907)
 Also Available:  - Single (8318)
- Double Egress Simultaneous Pair (8321)
Simultaneous/Independent Pair
Low Energy Power Operators
Ordering Notes:
(refer to 8300 Order Form)   
- Must specify push or pull side mount
- Must specify frame type
- Must specify opening width
- Must specify finish 
- Master/Slave control requires optional programmer (2-679-0907)
Application Parameters:
Interior: - Yes
Exterior: - Yes (Interior side only)
Reveal: - Push Arm: 9-3/4"
- Pull Arm: 0"
- Double Egress Arm: 4"
- Extended Push Arm: 19"
Maximum Door Weight: - 350 lbs (refer to order form for more detail)
Standard Door Sizes:  - Standard Double Door Sizes: 72", 84", 88", 96" (actual header width is door opening +3" to provide "outside frame to outside frame")
Electrical Specifications: 
Power Requirements:  - 115 VAC 60 HZ
Current Draw:  - 0.4 A to 1.2 A (Max)
Onboard Power Supply:  - 24 VDC 1 A
Electric Lock Relay Type: - Form "C" SPDT
Lock Relay Rating:  - 5.0A @ 28 VDC
Fused Protection:  - 3.15A fuse
Mechanical Specifications:  
Dimensions:  - 5" H x 4-1/2"D x Door Opening Width + 3"
Opening Force:  - <15 lbs. - Exceeds all ADA requirements
Closing Force:  - > 8 lbs.
Maximum Degree of Swing:  - Powered - 180 degrees (push), 140 degrees (pull)
- Mechanical 0 140 degrees 
On/Off/Hold Open Switch:  - Standard
On/Off Power Switch:  - Standard
Swing Direction:  - Inswing/Outswing 
Operating Temperature:  -  - 4°F to + 131°F
Enclosure Protection: - NEMA 3R (IP23) Protection against spray water (i.e. rainstorm)
Notes: - 8319: switch is shared between both doors on independent configurations. 
Operating Parameters:   
Adjustable Opening/Closing Speeds:  - Yes - Exceeds all ADA requirements
Adjustable Swing Degree:  - 80° to 140°
Adjustable Latch Check Speed: - Yes
Built-in Stop:  - Manual swing to 180 degrees/Power swing to 140 degrees (pull), 180 degrees (push)
Hold Open Time:  - 5 second minimum (per ADA)
Fire Alarm Input:  - FA input shunts swing activations until FACP is manually reset
Obstruction Stop:  - Unit will stop cycle if an obstacle is detected in the swing path
Auto Reverse:  - If the unit detects an obstacle, the door will travel in the opposite path
Push To Start ("Push 'n Go"): - Safety sensor is required when Push-N-Go is used
Certifications:  - ANSI  Meets A156.19
- Complies with all U.S. and Canadian ADA requirements for low energy operators
- Appropriate door signage included with each operator
- UL/cUL (Fire rating) Listed for up to 3 hours
- UL10C  Positive Pressure Rated
- UL325 Listed
Finishes:  - ALM Aluminum
- DBZ Dark Bronze (ships with BLK arms)
Warranty:  - 2 years

DescriptionFile Number
DescriptionFile Number
8300 Series Programmer InstructionsI-EA00273-Rev0
8300 Series Door Arm AssemblyS-EA00261-Rev1
8300 Series Door Prep DrawingS-EA00258-Rev2
8300 Series Quick Start GuideI-EA00259-Rev1
8300 Installation InstructionsI-EA00257-Rev2
DescriptionFile Number
8300 Series Ordering FormS-EA00260-Rev3
DescriptionFile Number
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