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4500 Alarm Kit - 4940

Certifications: - BHMA Certified ANSI A156.3 Grade 1
- UL305 Listed for Panic Hardware
- UL/cUL Listed for all functions up to three hours for “A” label single doors
- UL10C Positive Pressure Rated
- UL10B Neutral Pressure Rated
- Complies with ANSI A117.1 for accessible building and facilities

Alarm Kit for 4500 Series Rim
and Vertical Rod Devices and
4500 Series Mortise Devices
Exit Devices & Trim

Battery: - Standard 9-Volt battery required, by other
- Audible chirp and alternating LED color flash when battery is low

Alarm: - 100 decibel horn sounds immediately upon pressing push pad

Cylinder: - 1-1/8” or 1-1/4” Mortise cylinders acceptable
- Hager standard cam required
- Cylinder sold separately

Activation: - Alarm is armed by turning key clockwise
- Alarm is disarmed by turning the key counter-clockwise
- Alarm is turned to service mode by turning the key counter-clockwise twice

Alarm Timing: - Alarm will sound either 1, 3, 5 minutes or continuously
- Times are selectable by on board switches

Warning Decal: - “Emergency Exit Only – Alarm will Sound” on push pad of exit device

Indicator: - LED Indicator
- Red LED will illuminate intermittently when armed
- Green LED will illuminate when unarmed
- Blue LED will illuminate in service mode
- Alternate colors flash when battery low

Options: - Tamper Switch available that sounds alarm when end cap is removed
- Latch monitor switch is available that sounds alarm when latch is retracted without actuating the push pad
- Latch Monitor Switch typically used with Surface Vertical Rod devices
- When utilizing the latch monitor, the outside trim unit will also sound alarm

Output: - Alarm is equipped with output port

Notes:                                       - If ordering alarm kit (ALK) separately, must specify if using with 4500 Series (4500 Series - 4940)

Warranty: - One year on electrified components
- Lifetime on hardware components 
DescriptionFile Number
4500 Series Rim Door Prep Template I-ED00872I-ED00872
4500 Series SVR Door Prep Template I-ED00873I-ED00873
4500 Series Rim Template I-ED00043I-ED00043
4500 Series SVR chassis templateT-ED00044
4500 Series SVR latches templateT-ED00045
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Alarm Kit InstructionsI-ED01181_rev2
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4500 Series Rim Installation InstructionsI-ED00789
DescriptionFile Number
4940 Alarm Kit Contents4501/4601 ALK | 4940
DescriptionFile Number
BHMA CertifiedHandicapUL C/US Listed
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