Available on: - Four continuous electric conductors (28 gauge wire)
- Available in 4" through 8": full mortise ball bearing and anti-friction bearing, standard weight, and heavyweight in stainless steel and brass material
- Available on heavyweight swing clear hinges

Quick Connect Optional:                                                       - Allows quick and easy installation
- Molex connectors attaches to both the frame and the door side of the hinge
Electric Through-Wire Only
Quick Connect Shown
Concealed Electrified Hinges
Material: - Steel, brass, or stainless steel

Sizes: - 4" x 4" (102 mm x 102 mm)
- 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" (114 mm x 114 mm)
- 5" x 5" (127 mm x 127 mm)

Notes: - 18, 22 or 28 gauge wires available
- Hinge pins are not field removable
- NRP not necessary as hinges are cross pinned and are not field removable
- Low voltage electric current transfer capability only
- 4, 8, or 12 continuous electric conductors
- To order, use symbol "ETW" as suffix
- Competitive wire and quick connect configurations available
- Also available: ETW - 2 (18GA), ETW-6-1828 (2-18GA, 4-28GA), ETW-8-1828 (2-18GA, 6-28GA)

Wire Max. Electrical Rating
Amperes - Continuous - 3.5 Amps
Amperes - Pulse - 16.0 Amps
Volts - 48 VDC
DescriptionFile Number
4-1/2" 2 Knuckle ETW Hinge TemplateT-CT00124
ETW Template for AB7501, 4-1/2" in heightT628-Rev. 3
ETW Template for BB1262/ BB1263, 4-1/2" in HeightT624-4
4-1/2" 5-KNU (ETW10, ETW12, ETW6-2228, ETW2-18, ETW6-1828 & ETW8-1828)T-CT00063-Rev1
5" 5-KNU (ETW10, ETW12, ETW6-2228, ETW2-18, ETW6-1828 & ETW8-1828)T-CT00062
5" 3-KNU (ETW2-22, ETW4, ETW6, ETW8, ETW10 & ETW12)T-CT00080-Rev2
5" 5-KNU (ETW2-22, ETW4, ETW6 & ETW8)T-CT00078
4-1/2" 5-KNU (ETW2-22, ETW4, ETW6 & ETW8)T-CT00068
4-1/2" 3-KNU (ETW2-22,ETW4, ETW6, ETW8, ETW10 & ETW12)T-CT00069-Rev2
ETW Template for 5 Knuckle Hinges, 4" x 4"T-541
ETW Template for 5 Knuckle Hinges, 4" x 3-1/2"T-636
ETW Template for 5 Knuckle Hinges 6" in HeightT-632
ETW Template for BB1262, 5" in HeightT-629
ETW Template for Half Surface, 5 & 3 Knuckle Hinges 5" in HeightT-559
ETW Template for AB7502, 5" in HeightT-558
ETW Template for AB7502, 4-1/2" in HeightT-557
IHTHB953 Electric Through Wire TemplateT-554
DescriptionFile Number
12-Wire Harness InstructionsI-CT00098
Installation Instructions-Elec Mod (ETW 2-18, ETW6-1828, ETW8-1828)I-CT00071
Installation Instructions-Elec Mod (ETW 2-22, ETW6-2228)I-CT00067
Installation Instructions-Elec Mod (ETW 4-12)I-CT00065
ETW with Quick Connect Installation InstructionsI-CT00100
DescriptionFile Number
DescriptionFile Number
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    Concealed Electrified Hinges
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    Concealed Electrified Hinges
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    Concealed Electrified Hinges