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HS4 NEO HN11 Cam Cylinder

Features:   - Fully integrated with the Hager powered by Salto platform
- Available for use with wireless and data-on-card platforms
- Wire Free - no drilling or wiring
- IP55 (standard, dust protection), IP66 (optional, dust and water resistant)
- All communication is encrypted and secure (AES128)
- High Security Protection - Tungsten anti-drill plates to protect wiring and
   reader area
- Locks stores up to 2,200 audit events and memory remains even if power fails
- Up to 4 million users and up to 65,000 openings per system
- In the event of a power failure, the access control system continues to function
   because of its battery-operated escutcheons and cylinders
HS4 NEO Cylinder
Application:   - Where a cam locking mechanism is in use
  examples include post boxes, server racks, cabinets
Lock Type:  - Cabinets and cupboards equipped with cam lock mechanisms
Programmable Lock Modes:  - Programs can be customized by user and by opening
    • Standard - locked at all times
    • Automatic Opening - 8 pairs of "hands-free" timed lock and
      unlocks per day with holidays
   • Toggle - present card to lock, present card to unlock
   • Timed Toggle - present card to lock, present card to unlock
     depending on schedule   
   • Office Mode - free passage
   • Timed Office - automatically locks at end time
   • Automatic Opening + Office - 

Cylinder Technological Specifications
Visual Feedback:  - Light ring
   • Green indicates granted access
   • Red indicates denied access
Audio Feedback: - Optional
Emergency Opening:  - with PPD
Platforms:  - SVN
- BLUEnet
- KS
ID Technologies:  - Mifare (DESfire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C,
   Classic - ISO/IEC14443)
- NFC (Android only)
- HID iClass®
Management Software - Salto ProAccess SPACE
Additional Options: - IP66
   • dust and water resistant rating, recommended for outdoor
Power Source:  - 4 (4) ea LR1 Alakaline batteries (up to 130,000 transactions)
Operating Temperature:  - -7°F to 131°F (without condensation)

Cylinder Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions:  - 1.9" from mechanical cylinder face, 0.9" wide, 1.5" height
Reader Colors:  - White
- Black
Finishes:  - US26D - Satin Chrome
- US26 - Bright Chrome
- US3 - Bright Brass
- US4 - Satin Brass
- Black Satin Chromium
- BioCote available

Warranty:  - 1-Year
Certifications:  - BHMA - A156.5
- UL - UL10C (3-hour)
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