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Threshold and Weatherstripping

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: What alloy are our "Architectural Bronze" thresholds made from?

A: CDA385 - The alloy for both bronze and aluminum extrusions are located in the "Materials and Finishes" section of the Hager catalog. All aluminum extrusions are of alloy 6063-T5. All bronze extrusions are of alloy CDA385.

Q: What criteria must a threshold meet to say a product is “Handicap Accessible”?

A: If the design permits, the product should be under a ¼” tall. If greater than a ¼” high and no greater than a ½” high, the product must incorporate a 1:2 slope. (The description of the proper height is located in the “Handicap Accessibility” section of the T & W catalog.)

Q: What is the purpose of using a water return type threshold similar to the 610S?

A: To catch water that may pass under the door and return it to the outside of the building

Q: From the information on the Air Infiltration chat, which is located in the Hager Companies catalog; when an opening utilizing both the 726S and the 580SN is subjected to an ambient pressure equivalent to a 25 mph wind (1.56 pounds per square foot), the air infiltration rating is 0.08 Cfm/ft (Cubic feet per minute per foot).

What is the air infiltration rating for the 726S and 580SN when subjected to elevated temperatures ranging from 160 - 180 degrees?

A: 0.12 Cfm/ft - The Air Infiltration chart in the current version of the catalog features the infiltration rate for both normal and elevated temperatures.
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