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Frequently Asked Questions
Hager Companies
Q: When using a 9875 by-pass door packaged set, how wide should the finished opening be?

A: 2 times the door width minus one inch.

Q: A Customer is looking at the 9675 72” packaged set and wants the same set (i.e. same type of double box track and same weight rating), but with integral fascia attached. What packaged set would you recommend?

A: 9673 72"

Q: An architect is reading a specification and asks how long the fascia is on Hager's 9885 Series by-pass Hardware Track

A: 3 ½”

Q: A 9678 72" packaged set cannot be used for doors over 72" tall?

A: "False" - The height of the door is not a factor in determining which hardware to use.

Q: What is the maximum door weight for the 9110 series pocket door hardware?

A: 275 Lbs.

Q: A Customer has ordered a 9674 - 72" packaged set. Does Hager's 9674 - 72” packaged set include round flush pulls?

A: No.

Q: Stanley Sliding Door Hardware is interchangeable with Hager in the majority of applications.

A: True.

Q: Cox is not interchangeable with Stanley or Hager in a majority of their items.

A: False.

Q: There are no ANSI specifications available for Sliding Door Hardware.

A: False – ANSI A156.14

Q: Hager’s 9100 series of track is equal to and interchangeable with Grant’s 1200 series, which is designed for a maximum capacity of 275 lbs.

A: True

Q: Templates are required for all applications involving Sliding Door Hardware.

A: False

Q: Hager has a full replacement warranty (One Year) on all parts, which includes labor.

A: False

Q: Sliding Door Hardware can be used outdoors on doors weighing up to 400 lbs. Hager has a full replacement warranty (One Year) on all parts, which includes labor.

A: False

Q: Carpet-risers are designed to be used, over carpeting to give a stable base over which to mount door guides.

A: True

Q: The 9801 track is a light duty, steel track designed for doors weighing up to 250 lbs. each.

A: False

Q: The 9105 four-wheel hanger is generally used on bi-passing or bi-folding doors up to 275 lbs.

A: True

Q: The 9801 box track is used on bi-fold doors up to 125 lbs. per panel.

A: True

Q: Pocket doors are doors that slide into a pocket in the wall when in the open position.

A: True

Q: Interchangeability – is defined as track and hardware fitting identically one to the other.

A: True

Q: Compares to – Indicates a product, which has similar usage and ratings as the competing product; however, there is no interchangeability.

A: True

Q: The dial adjustable hanger is used on bi-fold doors and can be adjusted by rotation of the wheel or cam.

A: False

Q: Fascia is used to hide the track and gap at the top of an opening.

A: True

Q: A “split stud” (also called a split jamb) replaces framing studs in a pocket door- frame to allow the doors to slide back into the wall.

A: True

Q: Where is 9816? I can't find it online.

A: Hager's 9816 hanger has been replaced with 9827. Please refer to our 9827 web page.
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