Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Which is the best application of a Roton hinge for a 2 ¼” x 6’8’ x 9’0” door, when the door is raised 8” off the finished floor?

A: The correct answer is a 780-226 HD. This hinge has long enough concealed leaves to support the 2 ¼” door thickness.

Q: A Customer would like to modify a Roton hinge in the field. They need to cut 1 ¼” off the Roton hinge and would like to know the best way to cut the hinge.

A: The correct instructions would be as follows:
The cut should be made from the bottom of the hinge, ensuring not to cut through a bearing or a screw hole.

Q: How many more bearings does a Heavy Duty (HD) 780 Series Roton hinge have than a Standard Duty 780 Roton hinge for a typical 84” (7 foot) door:

A: The number of bearings for a typical 7’ 0” door are 32 each bearings on a 780 Heavy Duty (HD) and 16 each bearings on a 780 Standard Duty (SD) Series.

Q: Roton continuous geared hinges do not normally need lubrication due to their construction. If additional lubrication is needed, what kind of lubricant should be used:

A: If additional lubricant is necessary, the best product to use is a spray, Teflon® lubricant. A recommended lubricant is Bordens-Elmers® “Slide-All”. WD-40 is not recommended, as its effects do not last as long as “Slide-All”. Dark lithium grease is never recommended for lubrication of Roton hinges; the grease may fall to the floor and stain light-colored floor coverings.

Q: Can Roton provide hinges longer than the 119” as listed in the catalog?

A: Yes – There is a Special Product section – entitled “Extra Long Hinges” in the front of the current Roton Catalog, this provide additional information on how to order.

Q: When providing a polished cover channel, are the hinge leaves also polished, or are they a corresponding color?

A: No the cover channel only is polished. The leaves for a Polished Gold cover channel would be satin brass; the leaves for a Polished Chrome cover channel would be satin aluminum.

Q: How many bearing are found on a 780-210 HD Clear 85” hinge?

A: There are thirty-two (32) bearings on this hinge.

Q: What is the hole-pattern for a lead lined 780-112 LL Clear 83” hinge?

A: There are two straight rows of screws, the full length of the hinge.

Q: There are two additional pieces of information necessary to enter an electric Roton hinge order. What are these two additional pieces of information?

A: Handing of the door and top of the hinge to the top of the power cutout dimension.

Q: What is the best model Roton to use on an existing hollow metal door and hollow metal frame, 3’0” x 8’0” x 1 ¾”, with a frame face of 1 ¼”? Why?

A: The 780-157 HD model is best to use. The frame width is too narrow for a 780-210 and full surface application would be best for this existing application.

Q: Can a Roton hinge be modified in the field?

A: While Roton hinges may be cut in the field, warranties may be voided. Always cut hinge from the bottom.

Q: What is the material used to manufacture the bearings used in Hager's standard, non-fire rated Roton hinges:

A: The bearing material used on the non-fire rated Roton hinges is referred to as Lubriloy RL. A description of the materials used to manufacture Roton hinges is located in the current Hager Roton catalog. Bearing units are molded from Lubriloy RL, an engineered nylon, to ensure hard, durable, resilient, and uniformly shaped bearings

Q: What is the material used to manufacture the bearings used in Hager's fire-rated Roton hinges:

A: The bearing material used on the fire rated Roton hinges is referred to as Celanese 2012. The answer cannot be found in the current version of the catalog, but will be included in future editions.

Q: What is the replacement part number for a Roton 780-257 HD frame leaf molding?

A: The replacement molding for a 780-257 HD is part number 780-247M and may be ordered separately.

Q: A Customer has an existing 3'0” x 7'0” x 1 3/4" square edged mineral core door used in a medium frequency interior application. They would like to use a Roton hinge. What is the minimum number of bearings the Roton hinge must have to support this application?

A: The suggested hinge to be used in this application would be a 750-134 and on a 7’0” door height, there would be 8 bearings.

Q: Which Roton hinge can be used for a bi-fold application?

A: The correct hinge to use in this application would be 780-057 or 780-057 HD.
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