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Commercial Hinges - Half Surface Hinges

Frequently Asked Questions
Hager Companies
Q: My half-surface hinge has a 90º bend, yours is more like a 45º; can Hager make a 90º bend?

A: No – Hager changed their die configuration a number of years ago to have the 45º angle on the return section to the knuckle on the door leaf. If replacing a damaged hinge, all three hinges should be replaced at the same time. If this is accomplished, the degree of return will have no effect.

Q: Does Hager provide a half-surface hinge that can be welded?

A: Yes – Standard hinges will have the required screw counter-sunk holes for the frame leaf but the hinge knuckle may still be welded. If welding is necessary in the field, only order paint finish, do not order a plated finish; as the finish will be removed during welding.

Q: Does Hager have a wide throw half-surface hinge for recessed doors?

A: No – This application is not a good suggestion and Hager does not offer this type of hinge.

Q: Does Hager make a half-surface hinge for a door thicker than 1 ¾”?

A: Yes – But be sure to specify door thickness when ordering, as proper sized through-bolts will need to be provided.

Q: Does Hager have thru-bolts longer than 2”?

A: Yes – But these are special order and this information must accompany the original order.

Q: Do Hager’s half-surface hinges come with sex bolts?

A: Yes – These are used on the door leaf.
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