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Commercial Hinges - Full Surface Hinges

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: My hinge has a 90º bend, yours is more like a 45º; can Hager make a 90º bend?

A: The 45º bend is the new version of the same hinge. The old style can be supplied if you are using existing hinges and replacing only one. However, it would be recommended to replace all hinges at one time, as the style you have referred to is well over fifteen years old. Replacing only one hinge would most likely cause additional wear to all hinges more rapidly.

Q: Can Hager provide a Full Surface hinge that can be welded?

A: No, there is no welding hinge for Full Surface application.

Q: Does Hager have a wide throw Full Surface hinge for recessed doors?

A: No, Hager does not provide a Full Surface type hinge for recessed doors.

Q: Does Hager make a wider or narrower door leaf for the Full Surface hinge?

A: There are two widths of door leaves for Full Surface hinges, please refer to the current Hager catalog or the web site for further information.

Q: Does Hager make a Full Surface hinge for a door thicker than 1 ¾”?

A: Since the hinge is being installed in the Full Surface application, door thickness (within reason-say to 2 ½” door thickness) is not of concern. For doors thicker than 2 ½” consult with Hager’s Technical Services Managers for additional information.

Q: Does Hager have thru-bolts longer than 2”?

A: Yes – But these are a special order part number, please consult with Hager’s St. Louis Sales department for further information.

Q: Do Hager’s Full Surface hinges come with sex bolts?

A: Yes – This is standard application.
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