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Daniel Gilley winner

While on vacation, with my family, to the Grand Canyon. The hotel we were staying in had all Hager hardware. I noticed one of the closers was not adjusted properly (you needed to hurry through, or the door would help you along). All I could see was a child getting their fingers smashed. I mentioned this to the gentlemen at the front desk and he said they would take care if it. The next day it still was not fixed so, I asked the same guy for a small tool bag and i would be able to fix the problem. He then told me that was expensive commercial hardware and one of his trained employees would need to take care of it. I then asked him if it was made by Hager Companies. While he was nodding yes, I was taking off my Hager hat (which was given to me by my wonderful Rep. Ryan Maguire). After explaining to him that every piece of hardware they have is what I keep in stock, he allowed me to adjust the closer. By the end of our stay, I adjusted a couple of different ones. Back to my rep. Ryan Maguire. He is one of the finest. Just one example--last year i called and we talk for a minute. He then sends me a picture of him and his family eating dinner on a boat while on vacation. He is always willing to go the extra distance to help me get the job done, even when he is on vacation. He is appreciated. David Ipock Ron Miller Hardware

David Ipock

Recently we had an issue with a lock shipped from the factory that was missing the tailpiece. Our rep, Jerry Phelan, quickly answered my request and had a tailpiece shipped out direct to the customer by the next day! He is always responsive and quick to answer any questions/requests I have. I love the relationship Cook & Boardman shares with Hager!

Graham Johnson

My favorite Hager memories flow around being able to tell the Hager story and how their commitment to quality has continued from generation to generation. That is the kind of story that gives people confidence in the product they are buying, and makes it a joy to know that your company partners with people like that.

Brent Sharp

Hager helped us grow tremendously by their excellent pricing and high quality product. Always very responsive and great customer service!

Kyle Sardi

Kurt Mester - our rep has always taken care of us! Kurt is a genuine good guy and so I hear about all the other reps. Hager has quality products for great prices.

Kyle Sardi

I have been in the door and hardware business for over 25 years and had the pleasure of selling Hager products the whole time. Jim Dewar from Smoot Associates has been our rep and I have nothing but great things to say about him and his company. Any time there have been any issues (which are few and far between) I can always count on Jim to do everything he can to help.

Jamie Parsons

I am the Install Manager with Tex-Oma Builders Supply. We have a sizable job consisting of about 600+ openings that we are actively installing. This all of which is sourced through Hager. From door hardware to Doors and Frames, including Salto and FRP architectural. We love the customer support that tech. support and Mike/Nick Stefani give us from lead times to tracking and even late night onsite troubleshooting. Our customers greatly appreciate it as well as the ease it gives us in the filed to know that we are a phone call away from the solution. I am very happy with their accuracy both with products and knowledge. I look forward to our continued relationship as we are constantly bidding/installing Hager products. Thank you Hager Staff and our wonderful Rep team. Joshua Baker Installation Manager Tex-Oma Builders Supply Co.

Josh Baker

Hager products allow us to offer a quality product at an affordable price.

Elijah Davis

Hello! I don't see the Hager rep very often but any time I have a question about a product the phone reps are ALWAYS very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable in their products. Our rep always goes out of his way to make sure you know the answer to every question before he leaves. It is an incredibly wonderful company to do business with :)

ericka shepersky

When i was just starting my new position at BHS, I was very overwhelmed with the amount of products there were to learn. Our Hager rep, Tom Cammock came to visit us one day - and I remember how nice he was to me, being new and less than confident in my knowledge of doors and hardware. He even brought me a (very large) binder of the Hager line the next time he came to BHS. It was nice to think he remembered me and thought to bring me the binder. So - thanks Tom!! Holly Taccone

Holly Taccone

As the receptionist @ Builder Hardware, part of my job consists of greeting people when they walk through the door. I see a lot of reps coming & going, but Tom Cammick easily stands out among them. We are always looking for ward to his visits @ BHS!!

Bobbi Doerr

Our partnership with Hager has allowed us to become an integrator for Salto systems. We are really enjoying expanding the Salto footprint in our area. Our reps, Mike and Nick Stefani, always go above and beyond to help us with any issues we have. Aaron Mahurin

Aaron Mahurin

Ordering Door Hardware is HARD, like ordering a lot of BB1279 Hinges the wrong finish. When they got to my shop i opened the box and realized it was wrong just because i missed one letter in the finish option. I got in contact with my Rep. and she helped me get some new ones to me fast that were the correct finish and also sent me a bunch of Architectural Finish Samples just so i could learn and master my Finishes. Thank you Hager team!

michael stephenson

Travis Byrd always goes above and beyond. Whether it be converting when needed or quoting last minute. He also brings in great snacks.

Elijah Davis

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