National Safety Month – Part IV

June is National Safety Month and we have heard from Ed Dyling, Jennifer Scott and Edward Robinson about why they choose safety. Now we hear from Tina Williamson who is Hager’s Safety/Environmental Supervisor in our Montgomery plant. 

“As we come to the end of National Safety Month, we reflect on what it really means to be safe. Our campaign of Safety by Choice, Not by Chance was used to entice employees to think about how they make decisions; do those decisions include being safe or are they careless acts that they have always done, but just haven’t been injured doing them yet.”

“We encounter unsafe conditions every day. We drive to work every day and are faced with unsafe conditions; other drivers driving reckless, weather conditions, etc. It’s the unsafe acts we introduce with those unsafe conditions that cause injuries. For example, a thunderstorm is an unsafe condition. If we are driving during a thunderstorm and are speeding and don’t allow a safe stopping distance between the cars in front of us, we have introduced two unsafe acts in an unsafe condition. The chances of being injured are increased because of our unsafe acts. We become complacent because we’ve done it before and haven’t been injured. An accident can occur in a split second and the consequences can be devastating.”

“As you go through your work week and even when you are at home think about what you are doing that is unsafe. Are you being complacent? Do you think it can’t happen to you? It can happen to any one of us. Just remember, someone is counting on you. Make safe decisions, if not for you, for those you love.”

Thank you to Tina and the Hager team members who graciously participated in this month’s National Safety Month campaign. We hope these stories convey our commitment to safety for our employees and encourage you to also choose safety.

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June is National Safety Month – Part II

June is National Safety Month – Part II

We are continuing our Safety by Choice, Not by Chance series. 

This week we are introducing you to Jennifer Scott. Jennifer began working at the Hager Distribution Center in Montgomery, Alabama as a temporary employee. In December of 2014 we were lucky to have her join us full time. As the administration assistant Jennifer wears many hats, from completing paperwork, processing orders, shipping small parcels and shipping LTL. She does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jennifer shares why she participates in Safety by Choice, not by Chance:

“I choose to work in a safe manner by always being aware of my surroundings, understanding my limitations and asking for assistance when needed. This is important to me because I am blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends.” 

There are some jobs we think are inherently dangerous. Remember the photo of the steel workers having lunch on a steel beam high above the ground? Now steel workers are required to wear fall protection as safety precautions.

Working in an office can have dangers also. Trip hazards or lifting a 50 lb. case of copy paper incorrectly (or at all) as examples. We are glad to have Jennifer on board and appreciate she makes safety a choice!

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June is National Safety Month

Hager Companies believes strongly in life safety, after all that is our business. We take the safety of our employees just as seriously. Tina Williamson our Safety/Environmental Supervisor in our Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing facility, recently ran a Safety by Choice, Not by Chance program.

Everyone has something they live to see or experience. A bucket list so to speak. Whether it’s walking your daughter down the aisle or seeing a Broadway show, we engage in safe behaviors wherever we are so we can live for those moments.

We asked our Montgomery employees to share their stories about why Safety by Choice, Not by Chance is important to them. More …

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Women in Construction

The ratio of women to men in the workplace has changed considerably from just a generation ago. Today women represent 57% of professional and technical occupations.

Proof of this was a conversation held just over a year ago between Mitchell Sales & Associates and a branch manager of a distributor, who happens to be a woman, discussing the fact that most activities seem geared toward men in the construction industry.

More …

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Welcome to the new Hager Companies blog

Throughout the 165 years that Hager Companies has been in business there have been many forms of communication between our company and our customers. We are delighted to add this newest format.
Our goal, with this blog, will be to educate, share some cool projects and have fun. We want you to get involved too. Ask questions, send in photos of door hardware – the good and the bad, and the ugly. Also share tips on installation of hardware or anything related to doors.
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