Door Hardware Submittals

Door hardware is approximately 1% of a total construction project and yet it is definitely one of the most challenging.

The definition of a door hardware submittal is a collection of documents that contain all the pertinent information to complete a project. This compilation is based on the project manual, drawings and field conditions.

It is imperative the door hardware schedule is correct as the general contractor and several sub-contractors, ie. painters, masons, framers & electricians, use the schedule to help in their field of work. Once the project has been completed the owner/end user can use the hardware schedule for maintenance and upkeep. More …

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Generations in the Work Place

5th & 6th Generations of the Hager Family


Hager Companies currently has 5th and 6th generations of the Hager family working with the company along with employees who range from working at Hager for 40+ years to just a few months. Having that many generations working together it becomes important to understand how each generation communicates and becomes inspired. More …

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Education and Training

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions pursuing additional continuing education?

We can make it easy for you to check that off your list! Here at Hager Companies we believe the more informed our customers are about door openings, codes and our products the more successful a project will be.

That is why we offer training for pretty much everyone in the building industry. From architects, specifiers, distributors, physical plant maintenance personnel to end users or we can create a training session specifically for your team.

These education sessions can be held at your office so you don’t have to worry about completing those pesky travel reports.


Or, if you would like to set up training at a central location in order that several of your personnel from different branches can attend we can do that too.



We also have a National Sales & Product Training Manager who travels the United States sharing her 20 year knowledge about the industry.



Several of our educational sessions are AIA accredited. Below is just a small sample of the sessions we offer. For a complete list click here.



Give your local sales representative a call to learn more.

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Boxes to fireplace – all for holiday cheer!

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle is a mantra here at HC so when Rob Moyer, with The Moyer Agency, mentioned what this customer created with our hardware boxes we had to share.

Angie Pitcher, Maziuk Wholesale Distributor’s Marketing Specialist, found a photo (below) on Facebook that she wanted to replicate: a red brick fireplace to bring some additional Christmas cheer to her home.  More …

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Sliding Doors Gaining in Popularity

This article appears in the December issue of the Door and Hardware Magazine published by DHI.

Although we may think that sliding doors are a relatively new trend in the architectural industry, archaeological evidence exists that sliding doors were used by the Romans as early as the first century. Researchers in Pompeii in Southern Italy found the remains of a stone threshold (click for photo from Wikipedia) with a channel chiseled out along its length – perhaps the world’s first bottom track guide?

It has taken us 2,000 years to realize that the Romans really had something worthwhile besides the arch, the aqueduct and fun-filled family afternoons at the Coliseum. More …
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We give thanks….for you.

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday we pause and give thanks to you. To you, our co-workers who come to work with positive attitudes and a willingness to do whatever it takes to support our customers. To you, our suppliers who help us provide great products at reasonable prices to our customers. To you, our sales representatives who hit the pavement day in and day out supporting not only the products but more importantly, our customers. To you, our social media friends who help us grow and share in the digital world. And to you our customers, whom without your loyalty and patronage we wouldn’t have the ability to grow and offer new products & services. You are all part of the Hager team….the Hager family.

Thank you.

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Project Profile: Modular Structures by American Direct

This article was originally published in American Direct Single Source Review Magazine. They have graciously given us permission to post on our blog. This article may not be reproduced in part or in whole without the express written permission of bradley.project. Contact Juliette Bradley at [email protected] for additional information. The photographer for this project was Andrew Rugge with Arch Photo, Inc.

Design Team:                    McClaren Engineering Group
Architect:                             Garrison Architects
Structural Engineer:         Anastos Engineering Associates
MEP Engineer:                  Plus Group Consulting Engineering, PLLC
Distributor:                         American Direct


Prefab(ulous) Beach Facilities Post – Sandy

     After Superstorm Sandy devastated so much of New York City on October 29, 2012, “a day at the beach” took on a whole new meaning. Post-storm, the hundreds of miles of New York City’s shoreline remained, included the 14 miles of beaches managed by the City. But many of the facilities at the beaches, including rest rooms, offices and lifeguard stations, were gone. The storm literally washed them away.

     Summer holidays and New York beaches go hand in hand. Pre-storm, millions of people flocked to the City’s beaches – Coney Island, Rockaway, Orchard Beach, South Beach, Midland Beach, Cedar Grove, Wolfe’s Pond Park and Manhattan Beach – between Memorial Day and Labor Day for fun in the sun, beach volleyball, boardwalks and amusement rides, entertainment and great food. But a storm like Sandy could change everything and almost did.

     These beaches are iconic, as are the restaurants, concession stands and shops that keep these places hopping night and day. That’s why the determination to rebuild has been incredible. Business owners learned that although the storm was quick and shocking, the rebuild process could be slow.

                                                                                                        More …
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Decorative Design Levers

How many times have you found the perfect lever style you wanted to use throughout your project only to find it isn’t offered on the different lock types the job requires?

We are excited to announce five new decorative lever styles available on our 2300 tubular lock and 3800 mortise lock series. This will be helpful on multi-family projects where a strong lock is needed to secure the front door but interior doors may not need the same security, which can save money. More …

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Welcome Herb Bindel!

We have a new Hager team member! Herb Bindel joined our Tech-Connect Department on November 3rd.

With 15 years experience as a locksmith Herb is very familiar with locksets and access control systems. We knew Herb was a good fit when he stated “helping the customer understand the difference between convenience and security is always my goal when creating a Master Key System”. Hager Companies agrees that education is always an important facet when helping customers design master keying systems. More …

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