The Door and Hardware Institute – #DHI2014

This week many in our industry will be converging in Dallas for the 2014 DHI CoNEXTions Convention. Several members of the Hager Companies team will be there. Why do we choose to take the time, energy, and dollars to exhibit at DHI CoNEXTions? Simple: because our customers will be there.

The Door and Hardware Institute’s purpose is “to advance life safety and security within a built environment.”  DHI is also an advocate for creating a favorable code environment in the life safety and security industry. They have been instrumental in supporting changes to code to save lives, like the new code for annual fire door inspections.
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Welcome to the new Hager Companies blog

Throughout the 165 years that Hager Companies has been in business there have been many forms of communication between our company and our customers. We are delighted to add this newest format.
Our goal, with this blog, will be to educate, share some cool projects and have fun. We want you to get involved too. Ask questions, send in photos of door hardware – the good and the bad, and the ugly. Also share tips on installation of hardware or anything related to doors.
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