Don’t get locked out!

Understanding which lock function a customer needs can mean the difference between a happy customer or an unhappy one, if the lock doesn’t function how they expected.

The function is the mechanical behavior of the lock. The need (or not) for security on the door opening dictates what type of function is required. A door to a coat closet typically requires less security than a door to a mechanical room. As buildings become more complex, door openings and therefore door hardware also does. We offer over 35 ANSI functions that we discussed in a previous blog post here.

The use of the cylindrical mechanical lock entry function ANSI F109/Hager 53 and the office function ANSI F82/Hager 50 are sometimes misunderstood. More …

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Made in America

There was a recent discussion on the Door and Hardware Institute’s LinkedIn page about hinges. A commenter made the statement that Hager hinges are manufactured overseas. Our Director of Specifications corrected the information but it was surprising to hear that is the perception, since Hager has been manufacturing hinges on American soil for 121 years.

Hager Companies started producing hinges in the early 1900’s by hand forging and other manual procedures in the St. Louis area. During August W. Hager’s leadership, new machinery was designed to meet the demands of the new century.

Hager’s hinge production continued to grow when contracted to produce massive quantities of custom hinges for locks on the Panama Canal Project under President Teddy Roosevelt.

More …

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CONSTRUCT – CSI, September 30 – October 3, 2015

We are always excited when we exhibit at CONSTRUCT but this year is even more special because CONSTRUCT is coming to St. Louis!

We have a lot going on that week including being part of the inaugural Young Professionals/Student Day on September. 30th. This event is a full day of education and networking for an incredible price.

Wednesday’s schedule includes speed mentoring, a Pecha Kucha event with a boxed lunch, Specifying the Electrifying Tour here at Hager, Getting to the Next Level, attending the Welcome Reception and ending with the Young Professionals Mixer at the Flamingo Bowl. That is a lot packed into a single day!


The fun doesn’t stop on Wednesday. The Students and Young Professional Package also includes education sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. You can attend the Keynote presentation, a 3D Game Changer session, and check out the Exhibit Hall. Are you good at scavenger hunts? You will have a chance to win $200.00 cash with the Exhibit Hall Scavenger Hunt on Thursday at 11:00 am.

August Hager explaining the benefits of the Hager 8400 Low Energy Power Operator in the Exhibit Hall

If that doesn’t get you excited the CSI Night Out being held at the Budweiser Brew House is also included!! Yep, that’s right!!

If you are 35 years or younger and are ready to take the next step to further your career sign up here: Student/YP Info

Stop by Booth 307 and say Hi while you are there!

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National Safety Month – Part IV

June is National Safety Month and we have heard from Ed Dyling, Jennifer Scott and Edward Robinson about why they choose safety. Now we hear from Tina Williamson who is Hager’s Safety/Environmental Supervisor in our Montgomery plant. 

“As we come to the end of National Safety Month, we reflect on what it really means to be safe. Our campaign of Safety by Choice, Not by Chance was used to entice employees to think about how they make decisions; do those decisions include being safe or are they careless acts that they have always done, but just haven’t been injured doing them yet.”

“We encounter unsafe conditions every day. We drive to work every day and are faced with unsafe conditions; other drivers driving reckless, weather conditions, etc. It’s the unsafe acts we introduce with those unsafe conditions that cause injuries. For example, a thunderstorm is an unsafe condition. If we are driving during a thunderstorm and are speeding and don’t allow a safe stopping distance between the cars in front of us, we have introduced two unsafe acts in an unsafe condition. The chances of being injured are increased because of our unsafe acts. We become complacent because we’ve done it before and haven’t been injured. An accident can occur in a split second and the consequences can be devastating.”

“As you go through your work week and even when you are at home think about what you are doing that is unsafe. Are you being complacent? Do you think it can’t happen to you? It can happen to any one of us. Just remember, someone is counting on you. Make safe decisions, if not for you, for those you love.”

Thank you to Tina and the Hager team members who graciously participated in this month’s National Safety Month campaign. We hope these stories convey our commitment to safety for our employees and encourage you to also choose safety.

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Eric Klein, AHC

It is with extreme sadness that we share the news of the passing of a true Hager man. Eric Klein, AHC, our VP of Sales Support & Regional Sales Manager, passed away peacefully Monday morning.

Eric began his Hager career 49 years ago working summers, alongside Rusty Hager. Over the course of a long and dedicated career, Eric had a tremendous impact on the company and the employees that were lucky enough to work beside him. Eric was involved in many aspects of the company, including managing a territory in his second home of Texas, and was intimately involved in setting business strategies after his return to St. Louis and Hager headquarters. From Rusty Hager “if it were not for Eric Klein, Hager would not enjoy the success it has today”. Eric was a tremendous friend and mentor and we are grateful for the stories and knowledge he shared throughout his years. Not only is Hager a better company, but we are all better people for having known him.

Join us in keeping his wife, Judy, their son Eric and his grandchildren in your thoughts and prayers.

We will be dedicating a future blog post to honor Eric. If you have any stories you would like to share please email: [email protected]  Thank you. 

Arrangements are as follows:

Visitation:  Thursday, June 25th  4:00 – 8:00 pm
                  Schrader Funeral Home
                  14960 Manchester Road
                  Ballwin, MO 63011

Funeral:     Friday, June 26th  11:00 am
                  St. Mary’s Assumption
                  1126 Dolman Street
                   St. Louis, MO 63104


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June is National Safety Month – Part III

This is Part III of our contribution to National Safety Month.

With manufacturing and distribution facilities located around the world we are aware of the potential safety risks to our employees. We diligently work to minimize those risks with employee training and safety meetings, including programs like Safety by Choice, Not by Chance.

Edward Robinson is a Warehouse Worker who began working at Hager’s Montgomery Distribution Center in 2006. He transferred to our Phoenix facility in 2010.  Edward’s job duties include receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, shipping and itemizing. 

Here is why Edward feels Safety by Choice, Not by Chance is important:

Safety by Choice Not by Chance is important to me because I’m a
 motorcycle rider in a state that you wear a helmet by choice. It’s my
 choice to wear my helmet and be as safe as possible. I had an
 accident and if it wasn’t my choice to be safe and wear a helmet
 I probably wouldn’t be here today, so safety by choice is very
  important to me. It may have just saved my life!”

We are happy you wore your motorcycle helmet too Edward! Thanks for making safety your choice!

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June is National Safety Month – Part II

June is National Safety Month – Part II

We are continuing our Safety by Choice, Not by Chance series. 

This week we are introducing you to Jennifer Scott. Jennifer began working at the Hager Distribution Center in Montgomery, Alabama as a temporary employee. In December of 2014 we were lucky to have her join us full time. As the administration assistant Jennifer wears many hats, from completing paperwork, processing orders, shipping small parcels and shipping LTL. She does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jennifer shares why she participates in Safety by Choice, not by Chance:

“I choose to work in a safe manner by always being aware of my surroundings, understanding my limitations and asking for assistance when needed. This is important to me because I am blessed with a loving family and wonderful friends.” 

There are some jobs we think are inherently dangerous. Remember the photo of the steel workers having lunch on a steel beam high above the ground? Now steel workers are required to wear fall protection as safety precautions.

Working in an office can have dangers also. Trip hazards or lifting a 50 lb. case of copy paper incorrectly (or at all) as examples. We are glad to have Jennifer on board and appreciate she makes safety a choice!

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A New Documentation Index

We have added a quick and easy way to access our product templates, installation documentation and instructional videos on the Hager Co. website. In the middle of the home page you will see 4 boxes labeled History – Blog – News – Docs & How-To. Click the Docs & How-To box.


The Documentation Library is organized by domestic and Euroline products with each product line we manufacture listed.

More …

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June is National Safety Month

Hager Companies believes strongly in life safety, after all that is our business. We take the safety of our employees just as seriously. Tina Williamson our Safety/Environmental Supervisor in our Montgomery, Alabama manufacturing facility, recently ran a Safety by Choice, Not by Chance program.

Everyone has something they live to see or experience. A bucket list so to speak. Whether it’s walking your daughter down the aisle or seeing a Broadway show, we engage in safe behaviors wherever we are so we can live for those moments.

We asked our Montgomery employees to share their stories about why Safety by Choice, Not by Chance is important to them. More …

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Project Profile: University Place at West Virginia University

Having a safe and comfortable living space is important all the time but never more so than when a person moves away from home for the first time. Often, that first time happens when kids are off to college.

Architect:                   Grimm + Parker
Developer:                 Paradigm Development Group LLC
General Contractor:   Turner Construction
Distributor:                 A. G. Mauro Company
Door Openings:         300
Project Dollar Value:  $70,000,000

photo by Grimm + Parker

The team above hit all the highlights when they designed and built University Place, a student housing community near West Virginia University.

Hager Co put together a comprehensive commercial hardware package that included standard and heavy duty products to match the door use frequency and kept within budget. More …

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