Closer Installation

Hager team members have an affliction.  I’ve heard that other people in the door and hardware industry also have it. When we are out and about in the world we constantly stop and look at door openings. We look to see if the correct hardware is on the door for the application. We also check to see if the hardware has been installed correctly. This affliction can be a quick flick of the eye or a full stop and spend 15 minutes (or longer) examining the door opening.  If you are a friend or family member of a door and hardware professional surely you have been detained by your loved one for this reason. Take pity on them, he or she can’t help it.

This affliction hit our Director of Marketing and Product Development, Bob Wilkins, when he visited his neighborhood deli.  First Bob spotted the closer arm that had ripped out of the door frame.



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A New Documentation Index

We have added a quick and easy way to access our product templates, installation documentation and instructional videos on the Hager Co. website. In the middle of the home page you will see 4 boxes labeled History – Blog – News – Docs & How-To. Click the Docs & How-To box.


The Documentation Library is organized by domestic and Euroline products with each product line we manufacture listed.

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Education and Training

Is one of your New Year’s Resolutions pursuing additional continuing education?

We can make it easy for you to check that off your list! Here at Hager Companies we believe the more informed our customers are about door openings, codes and our products the more successful a project will be.

That is why we offer training for pretty much everyone in the building industry. From architects, specifiers, distributors, physical plant maintenance personnel to end users or we can create a training session specifically for your team.

These education sessions can be held at your office so you don’t have to worry about completing those pesky travel reports.


Or, if you would like to set up training at a central location in order that several of your personnel from different branches can attend we can do that too.



We also have a National Sales & Product Training Manager who travels the United States sharing her 20 year knowledge about the industry.



Several of our educational sessions are AIA accredited. Below is just a small sample of the sessions we offer. For a complete list click here.



Give your local sales representative a call to learn more.

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Instructional Videos

We have been working hard to add to our video library on our YouTube channel.  Yesterday we added 4 new videos for your viewing pleasure.  Well not exactly for pleasure but definitely to help explain certain actions such as how to adjust a door closer or how to hand a mortise lock. Sometimes seeing how to perform a task is a lot easier than reading the instructions, especially when it has to do with door hardware!  More …

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