Texas Society of Architects Show – 2018

Next week several team members will be representing Hager in booth 142 at the Texas Society of Architects Design Expo Show in Fort Worth, Texas.  The attendance at the show is excellent, and we greatly appreciate all the members that make a point of stopping by to say thank you.

This year we will be highlighting our electronic access control line, HS4 – Hager powered by Salto.

The HS4 access control system is a suite of modular products that give architects the ability to provide different levels of security and safety that fit a range of budgets to meet the owner and facility’s needs. Recognizing a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work in today’s designs, HS4 has the ability to diversely secure an existing or new facility and expand with future growth.

We recently completed the Abilene Wylie ISD Performing Arts Center project that included a full line of Hager products, including HS4. Construction began on the new $11.6 million building in the Spring of 2018. Initially, electronic access control wasn’t included in the original bid, but the school district decided to add additional security measures after the project broke ground. Adding electronic access control to a construction project after it has begun could cause major scope shift, but with HS4, it wasn’t as difficult as one would think. Follow this link to a short article on this project to learn more. Our northern Texas sales representative, Mike Stefani with Integrity Architectural Solutions, worked with all parties to ensure a successful completion of this project. Mike will be in the Hager booth if you have any questions or would like to schedule an HS4 demonstration at your office.

What’s the adage – door hardware is 1% of the project but 99% of the problems? We take issue with that statement because we know, by utilizing our architectural specification consultants early on a project, you can avoid 90% of those problems. We all want to construct a building that keeps people safe and secure and having the correct door hardware installed helps make that happen.

One of the ways our architectural specification consultants can assist early in a project is by making sure the door hardware specified meets code. Our Director of Specifications, Brian Clarke, will be at the show and he has written a few articles regarding this subject. Two articles, Access Control: Door Hardware and Code Compliance and High Use Buildings and the Selection of Code-Compliant Hardware illustrates the importance of secure environments that contain code compliant egress.

We are seeing more growth in the multi-use building market, which can present a challenge with both residential and commercial spaces included in one building. Coordination between the architect, owner, hardware supplier and installer becomes vital. Paraphrasing a quote for a case study article, Sheryl Simon, our Manager, Architectural Specifications Consultant, said: “by reviewing a project before specifications are written we can help determine what hardware is needed where.” The best way to understand the project and what the owners want is by “walking around the project on paper” with the architect, Simons noted. Assumptions aren’t acceptable in this business. To read more about this case study click here.

Debra Powers-Wafford, the Texas and Oklahoma architectural specification representative, will also be representing Hager at the show.  Debra is local to Fort Worth so many of you may know her through the local CSI chapter. She is passionate about this industry and education. Debra wrote an article on her LinkedIn page titled “Why Would You Call Me“. It’s a great question and she’ll be happy to answer it at the show.

Adam Bucko, Director, Western Region, rounds out our participating team members. His job is to make sure you’re happy with our products and service. He likes to bring back new ideas to HQ so he is a good listener. If you have a suggestion on how we can do a better job, please let him know.

Make sure to ask the team for our latest brochure listing the continuing education courses we offer. We bring these courses to your team at your facility makes it easier than ever to earn AIA credits.

We look forward to seeing you next week!