Product Launches

There have been several exciting announcements regarding our Hager powered by Salto HS4 and Electronic Solutions product lines this week! To make sure you haven’t missed any here is a short recap:

HS4 Electronic Access Control

KS – Keys as a Service  WebpageBrochure | Press Release

An HS4 electronic access control platform for mobile and remote administrators. KS is a cloud-based access control platform that is managed from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, and accessed from a remote software engine. Always up-to-date with the latest features via instant updates and add-ons, the KS platform is easily maintained and managed. Infinite in size, it ensures real-time monitoring and immediate resolutions of any issues with a clear audit trail. These benefits and features make the KS platform perfect for retail, rental properties, and the ever more popular shared workspace markets.


HG03 GEO Electronic Cylinder  Webpage

The HG03 GEO electronic cylinder works with Hager’s 3710 Interconnected Single Locking Entry and 3215 Series Deadlock. The conversion kit allows a seamless application to be wire-free and networked into the SVN and RFnet platforms. Offered in four finishes to match almost every decor, this product is perfect for multi-family and assisted living projects and is available with a 20 minute UL rating.


HS4 AElement Fusion  Webpage 

The AElement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented. The electronic lock allows the integration of all physical security needs in an energy efficient and easy to manage system. Architects will appreciate that the battery pack and electrical components are hidden within the door. Minimalistic in design, the AElement Fusion integrates with any decor style.  Available with a 45 minute UL rating (wood doors only) and compatible with DIN standard and ANSI mortise locks.


Electronic Solutions

Pedestrian Presence Sensors  Webpage

Pedestrian sensors are programmed to prevent the door from opening if it senses anything within the door path that was not mapped. Extremely useful to prevent possible harm to pedestrians in an ADA door opening with a low energy power operator. Projects such as assisted living facilities, daycare facilities, healthcare facilities, education institutions, multi-family, commercial structures, and government buildings would benefit from these new products. Two different sensors were launched this week: the Bodyguard mounts to the frame and scans the swing path map prior to the door opening; and the Super Scan which mounts to the door and scans the swing path while the door is in motion.

For information on these and any of our other door hardware products please contact our Customer Service Department at 314-633-2002 or 800-255-3590.