Friday Fun

At Hager, we are passionate about door hardware. It’s one of the reasons we added locks, exit devices, and door controls to our product line several years ago.  Last year we partnered with Salto Systems to create our Hager powered by Salto electronic access control line. Our goal is to provide our customers with the products, service, knowledge, and partnership to elevate the value they bring to the channel.

Yet, we can’t forget our history so today we are going to throw it back a few decades with a light-hearted post.

These cartoons were created from the “inspired pens of America’s most famous cartoonists” – Tom Henderson, Virgil Partch, Lichty, Irwin Caplan, and Larry Reynolds in 1952 for our “Everything Hinges on Hager” campaign.  Let us know if any resonate with you!

Monday was Labor Day which marked the official end of summer, but there is still time to get out and enjoy the sun (make sure to lather up with sunscreen!).

Football is back so maybe a little couch time is in order while you cheer on your favorite college or professional team.

In St. Louis we are hoping for a “Redtober” – when the St. Louis Cardinals make the playoffs.  Go Cards!


Of course, there is always a to-do list to be tackled.

Several of our team members enjoy a round of golf and probably wish they could swing through or around a hazard.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, we hope you enjoy it with family and friends!