Lift for Life Academy

Each project we work on is unique in some fashion. Sometimes though, a project comes along that touches the heart and with it the realization there is an opportunity to assist and support beyond delivering quality products and outstanding service. Such a project and story came along in 2010 for Sheryl Simon, CSI, CDT, our Senior Architectural Specifications Consultant.

In her role as Hager’s architectural specification consultant, Sheryl was approached by a local architect to generate a specification for a small school renovation. “After visiting Lift for Life Academy (LFLA), meeting the principal, the students and hearing their stories I felt compelled to reach out to help the school in any way possible,” said Simon. Describing the situation at the school to the Hager family, Sheryl said, “Without hesitation, the family offered to donate the door hardware.”

LFLA became the first independent charter middle school to open in the City of St. Louis in 2000. It was established to “provide an education to middle school students” and is sponsored by Southeast Missouri State University. The first senior class graduated in 2012 and currently, the school serves 580 students in grades 6-12.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch recently wrote a story on one of the LFLA students. It reinforces the commitment LFLA has to the students that Sheryl saw back in 2010. To read about Moses Gorga and how LFLA, along with several members of the St. Louis community, stepped in to help, please click here.

Lift of Life Academy has grown and expanded many times over the years. Sheryl continues to consult with the architect on the appropriate door hardware needed for each building. As with any school, students are tough on door hardware. By specifying commercial hinges, Roton continuous geared hinges, Grade 1 locks, exit devices and door closers along with trim, threshold and weatherstrip, the hardware will withstand the schools’ high volume traffic. The Hager family remains committed to LFLA by donating the necessary door hardware, ensuring these remarkable young people are safe and secure in their classrooms and throughout the campus. The new gym is nearing completion and this summer the John Mann Classroom Expansion Wing will break ground.

Simon shared, “I consider it a privilege to be a part of these projects and look forward to following these amazing students throughout their careers.”

Learn more by clicking Lift for Life Academy.  For help with specifications, door hardware consultation, code compliance and more, please reach out to Sheryl Simon at [email protected].