The Next Generation

The gifted class from the Central Christian School visited Hager headquarters a few weeks ago. They were learning about the engineering profession and the different types of engineer specialties. A daughter of our COO, Josh Hager, is in the class and he offered to have the students visit Hager and hear from our engineers what they do.

Mark McRae, our Director of Engineering, and Daniel Sprehe, a Product Engineer, spoke with the students about the engineering process a product takes, from conception to manufacturing.  They spoke about how once a design has been approved a prototype is created along with the amount of testing it takes before a product is ready to be sold. They also shared the difference between a mechanical and electronic engineer and how they work together.




The students then took a tour of our testing facility. Daniel explained that it takes 2 million cycles to test a door closer in order to meet Grade 1 requirements.


Josh Hager, COO of Hager Companies and Victoria Hauser, Central Christian School teacher, looking on.



The class then toured the history of Hager on panels in our front lobby.


Thanks to Victoria and the students of Central Christian School for visiting!  We hope you learned a lot and enjoyed your time at Hager!