International Sales Meeting

With 167 years of history in St. Louis sometimes it’s easy to forget that Hager is a international company.  We have projects going on all over the world, from the Grand Egyptian Museum currently being built in Cairo to the completed Sheraton Zhanjiang Minda Hotel in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province in China.

Our Vice President of International Sales, James Stokes, has a great team of international sales representatives that travels the globe. Two weeks ago they gathered in St. Louis for their sales meeting.

A lot was discussed in the two day meeting.  From a business brief to detailed product line and technical training from our engineering team, tech support crew and product managers and, of course, taking time to catch up with the Hagers.

IMG_3983Sitting with technical & engineering

IMG_3993Hands on experience

IMG_3988Electrical hardware training

IMG_3999Josh Hager, Executive President & COO
speaking with the Intl Sales Team

IMG_4002Bill Shockley, Group VP U.S. Sales & Marketing

IMG_3994Danny Tai, James Stokes,
Rakesh Patnaik, Edward D’Cunha

IMG_4023Taking in a Cardinals game!

IMG_4001Shaun D’Cunha, Edward D’Cunha,
Josh Hager, Johnston Hager, Rusty Hager,
James Stokes, Rakesh Patnaik

Being a sales representative is tough work, they are the face of the manufacturer in front of the customer. We make sure our reps have the expertise, training and knowledge to assist architects, general contractors, distributors & end users with whatever is needed in regard to door hardware.  Add overcoming time zone and industry terminology language challenges and we think our international sales reps are some of the best in the industry!

IMG_3996Danny Tai, Denzil Mascarenhas, Ron Kasper,
James Stokes, Robert Chalifoux, Jorge Ruiz,
Shaun D’Cunha, Edward D’Cunha,
Rakesh Patnaik, Gabriel Ruiz

Thanks for your efforts!