What were they thinking?

Every so often we come across door openings where we stop and scratch our heads and wonder, what were they thinking?!


This photo was taken by a Hager team member during a stay at a hotel near our Montgomery plant.  The privacy pocket door latch was installed upside down. Not much privacy protection happening here.



Not sure how the hinges and cylindrical lock bore ended up on the same side but worse no one noticed and installed the door anyway.



Giving the architect and general contractor a heads up if you see a conflict on the floor plans can help prevent these types of issues from happening.

Door guard vs light switch


Tom St. George, one of our sales representatives, took this photo of a protection plate installed on the top of a door in a doctor’s office.  Based on the surrounding conditions Tom said this was clearly an install gone wrong.

Kick Plate confusion Tom St George


If it doesn’t fit just trim it…it’ll be fine, right?



This photo was in the DHI Door & Hardware Magazine’s January Edition. This is our ECCO hinge but with with some additional  installer modifications, that are definitely not on the installation instructions.



Our Tech Connect and Customer Service Teams are always here to help you avoid these types of pitfalls – just give us a call!