Women in Construction

The ratio of women to men in the workplace has changed considerably from just a generation ago. Today women represent 57% of professional and technical occupations.

Proof of this was a conversation held just over a year ago between Mitchell Sales & Associates and a branch manager of a distributor, who happens to be a woman, discussing the fact that most activities seem geared toward men in the construction industry.

With that conversation in mind the team at Mitchell Sales & Associates, in conjunction with Hager Companies, held a ladies only training session last week for this same distributor.

Jana Carlisle, our Product and Training Manager, started the session asking each person what position they held and how long they had been in the door and hardware industry. It turned out that the 10 women who attended had over 150 years of combined knowledge. Positions held included a branch manager, project managers, estimators, sales and more. Go ladies!

Jana began the training portion with an overview of where Hager Companies started and the fact there are 5th and 6th generation family members currently steering the company.

Next up Jana discussed our newest products along with a few of our “best kept secret” products. The ladies had a great response to our new 9710 Wall Mount Sliding Door Hardware. Sliding doors are increasingly being included in specifications and this new product is a great addition.

The liveliest discussion ensued during the FixIt slides. Several of the attendees were unaware we offered these items in order to fix many unique, yet common, issues with doors and frames.

Electronics followed after a short break. With the amount of knowledge in the room, what is typically a detailed discussion flew by. Almost everyone knew what a blow open function is. If you are not aware stay tuned as this will be a subject for a future blog post or give us a call. The wire gauge charge was a slide everyone found helpful.

It was a fun event filled with positive discussion and beneficial information.

Thank you to all the ladies that took time away from their busy schedules to learn about our products and share their experiences in the door and hardware industry!