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Since Hager's inception more than 170 years ago, our Hager brand, commercial hinges have always been made right here in America. And it's not just hinges. The bulk of Hager's traditional door hardware lines are American-made.
Hager Companies
Currently, Hager Companies stands alone as the only provider of a full line of door hardware that is US-based.  Our corporate headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri, where our legacy began more than 170 years ago.  And our manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama, creates the bulk of our traditional product lines.  For us, it's important to support every community around the world, but particularly the community where our story began.

For more information on how Hager door hardware meets the Buy American Act, contact [email protected]

Hear from some of our customers:

"I was recently invited to tour Hager’s manufacturing and distribution facilities in Montgomery, Alabama.  I was impressed with the pro-people business approach that comes from the top down which, in this case, is, commendably, the Hager family."
       -Joe Calvert CSI CDT AHC SCIP, Calvert Independent Hardware Specifications, LLC.

“The American ingenuity and skilled labor stills exist at Hager. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt like part of the Hager family and tradition. I am thoroughly impressed with the entire organization, the employees, and the making of hinges.”
      -Alan Fambrough A.H.C., John Oatley Builders Hardware Inc
To learn more about Hager Companies compliance with the Buy American Act (BAA), American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and Steel Product Procurement Act (SPPA) click here
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