Features:  - Web-based interface, no need to install software on all client PCs
- Server PC updates all client PCs
- Managed or operate from different workstations simultaneously without risk of database corruption
- Easy installation process, includes powerful SQL engine - database protected by SQL authentication or windows-based authentication
- Multi-language and configurable interface to adjust the interface to the specific needs and security level of each operator, including operator password protection for a higher security
- Operators audit trail registers changes done by operators
- Interface alerts to be aware of potential conflicts on the setup of the access plan or changes
- Easy to upgrade to additional features to keep in-line with an installation’s requirements
- SALTO ProAccess SPACE software can also be used on windows-based tablets
- Online event monitoring through web browser permitting real-time visibility of all events at online doors
- Incorporate user photos to facilitate easy and fast identification of users at online access points

Partitional Software Package
HS4 Software
Maximum number of users per door:  - 4,000,000 
Maximum number of doors per system:  - 65,000
Time Zones: - 256 
Access levels in system: - Unlimited 
Calendars in system: - 256 
Zones in system: - 1,024
Expiration period: - None 
Included Features: - Lockers
- Import/Export
- Online Monitoring
- Lockdown
- Anti-Passback
- Event Stream
- Automatic Key Assignment
- Roll Call
- Limited Occupancy
- Visitor Management
- Badging Module
- Partitions
Possible Add-On Features: - Matrix Function & Locations
- mSVN Module
- Database Synchronization
- SAM Custom Keys
- SHIP Integration
- Graphical Mapping Compatibility
Server Technological Requirements
Platform: - ROM
- Wireless 
Server Operative System: - Windows VISTA
- Windows 7, 7 SPI
- Windows 8
- Windows 8.1
- Windows Server 2008 R2
- Windows Server 2012 
Microsoft .net Framework Requirements: - Net Framework 4 or higher 
Additional Plug-Ins Required: - Microsoft Silverlight plug-in version 5 or higher 
SQL Database Engine Compatibility: - SQL LocalDB, included in ProAccess SPACE software - SQL Server 2012 Express
- SQL Server 2014
- SQL Server 2012
- SQL Server 2008 R2
Hardware Requirements: - Processor: 1 GHz or higher. 32Bits or 64Bits
- RAM: 1GB
- Hard disk space required: 10 GB. (Approx., depends on the DB)
Client Technological Requirements
Processor:  - 1.6 GHz or higher (32Bits or 64Bits)
RAM: - 1 GB
OS: - Vista (32-43) or higher
NET Framework: - V.40.2
Plugin: - Microsoft Silverlight 5
Web Browser: - Windows Internet Explorer 9
Network Connection to Server:
- Just a network connection and access to the server where SALTO ProAccess SPACE service is installed is required
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