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HS4 CU42E0 SVN Controller

Applications:  - Used with SVN wall readers (up to 2)
- Creates access points for SVN platform
- Delivers real-time access control functionality 
      live monitoring of user entry and exit through the door controller
      live audit trail build to ProAccess SPACE
      door monitoring status for forced door entry and door prop alarm
      remote door opening via ProAccess SPACE
      door lock out or lock open emergency setting via ProAccess SPACE
      can be used in roll call configuration (i.e. user location monitoring)
      invalidates deleted cards
      collects data on user credentials such as low battery reporting on
      system locks
- Can control up to 4 auxiliary controllers (total of 10 doors)
Controller Technological Specifications:
Wall Readers & Auxiliary Controllers: - Connect up to four (4) CU4200 auxiliary controllers
- Connect up to two (2) wall readers per controller
Platform:   - SVN, Bluetooth
ID Technologies: - Mifare (DESfire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC14443)  
- Bluetooth SMART (BLE)
Smartphone Capability: - Android (2.3.3 version minimum) 
System Security: - AES 128 Bit encryption opening procedures
Firmware Upgrades: - Online: directly from PC
- Offline: connection to PPD 
Management Software: - Salto ProAccess SPACE
Network Connectivity:  - TCP/IP
- Connection to the server via Ethernet 100BASE-TX or 10Base-T
- Requires one IP address to control up to 10 openings
- Initialization via Ethernet online connection
Power Consumption:   - 12 VDC 400mA (without HS4 wall readers)
   recommend connecting to 4 to 6 amp power supply for power all          locks on all doors
   PoE injector can power all controllers and readers
Inputs: - Six (6), connects to door detector, request to exit (REX), office switch 
Outputs:  - Four (4) relay inputs, inputs from strikes, mag locks, etc. 
Tampers: - One tamper input
- One tamper switch, door monitoring and tamper monitoring via contacts input (intrusion alarm and door left open alarm) 
Antipass-Back: - Connect two HS4 wall readers as one door 
Operating Temperature: -  -4º F to 176º F 
Controller Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: - Control Unit with Housing  9.5" (H) x 7.1" (W) x 2.3" (D),  1.5 lbs.
- Control Unit  4.8" (H) x 4.1" (W) x 1.7" (D),  1.1 lbs.   
Warranty:  - Controller - One year
Certifications:  - CE Conformity
- UL 294 (pending)
- FCC certified
- Rated for indoor and outdoor use
DescriptionFile Number
DescriptionFile Number
HS4 Control Units CU42xx Installation Instructions224901
DescriptionFile Number
DescriptionFile Number
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