System Integration


SALLIS is a new technology that enables you to link your access control system to the HS4 SALLIS wireless platform through your company´s access control panel or door controllers.

It provides access control system capabilities to virtually any kind of door without the need for any complex wiring, just through a simple integration.

No HS4 software is required for management of the SALLIS locks, except for the simple setup software that can be removed afterward. With the SALLIS battery operated wireless lock system, you can experience real-time access control solutions without the need for wiring.

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The node is the wireless hub between the lock and the router. One node can control up to 16 doors.

The router receives the request and passes it through to the host.

The host is a door controller that has interfaced with the SALLIS router and is that the core of the system; it is where all of the decisions are made.

Sallis Benefits

Completely integrated with the Access Control Company platform, making it easy to customize to your exact needs, even in existing projects that are already running with your system.

Computer managed through the Access Control Company Software that permits:
1. The solving of key management problems in real-time with a simple mouse click. SALLIS escutcheons receive the cancelling information over the air and remove cancelled keys from the system in real-time.

2. Receive audit trail information in real-time and view door access without having to visit the door.

3. Real-time door control: remote door opening, door alarm, intrusion alarm, single Lockdown.

4. Real-time battery control enables maintenance to view escutcheon power status in real-time.

5. Perform changes on the door as if it was one of your wired readers.

6. Highly secured, meets RF IEEE 802.15.4 at 2,4Ghz Standard and is AES 128Bit encrypted.

7. The SALLIS escutcheons continue to operate off-line with 2 customizable behaviors if the network crashes, enabling users to access the building normally (based on audit trail or emergency codes).

8. No software required (except for the setup SW that can be removed afterward).


SHIP is a proprietary communications protocol based on a software dialog that allows third party access control providers to manage and control offline and wireless locking devices by way of their own software GUI. Even though the locks are governed by the service, the operations are triggered from the integrator´s GUI.

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Wall Reader: when a credential is presented to the HS4 updater, the credential’s audit trail is uploaded into the database so it can be displayed in the Integrator’s GUI; permissions are updated and the expiration date is renewed. Also, the blacklist is downloaded onto users’ credentials enabling the blacklist to be effectively distributed throughout the building, thereby maximizing the installation's security.

Integrator Door Controller: Hard-wired solution that controls the hard-wired door and is 100% managed by the integrator’s system.

UBox: Executes the updating process of credentials and communicates the user’s Wiegand code to the Integrator door controller so that the decision to grant access or not is taken exclusively according to the Integrator’s locking plan

Software and Database: The service manages everything within the HS4 ecosystem, including the SHIP communications. However, all of the operations are governed by the hidden piece of the ProAccess SPACE software, the operations are triggered by the Integrator’s software.”

Integrator Software: The system operators triggers the operation from this GUI.

SHIP Benefits

  1. Based on the Virtual Network (SVN) and data on card. The management of the users, doors, time zones, calendars, etc. is performed from the integrator´s front end S/W
  2. Audit trail of wireless locks and disconnected locks is displayed in the integrator´s S/W, including battery status
  3. Ability to remotely open the RF locks


The Hager powered by Salto HS4 system can be commissioned in a few different ways. This level of flexibility gives our customers the tools they need to develop the right system for each type of installation.

Standard – a powerful stand-alone system

First, it can be designed as a stand-alone system with RFID, SVN, or Wireless platforms.

SHIP – fully integrates with access control management systems

Host Interface Protocol (SHIP) enables users to integrate their HS4 access control system to other systems, i.e., CCTV, fire alarm, traditional access control, etc., all while the same ProAccess SPACE software provides communication between the HS4 system and the access control management software.

SALLIS – allows users to use the HS4’s battery powered hardware

Lock Link System (SALLIS) that uses an open standard protocol that enables a wide range of standalone locking devices to work seamlessly with but independently of your existing access control system or its manufacturer. There’s no longer any need to hard wire doors, giving you the ability to turn any door into a fully featured access control door where previously wiring was difficult, expensive or even impossible.