Smart Credentials

Smart credential technology allows you to finally "lose the key."
Smart credentials have an embedded microchip that stores varying amounts of data allowing them to be used in multiple applications. They can come in many forms: cards, key fobs, and bracelets are some of the more common types of credentials used today.

While most smart credentials share a lot of the same benefits, not all are created equal. The HS4 credentials utilize the same design characteristics as the rest of the HS4 system - robust and dynamic with recognizable quality and physical strength that stands up to daily use and abuse.

13.56 Contactless RFID Identification 
The higher frequency allows for read-write capabilities where lower frequency credentials, such as 125KHz are limited to read-only. By using a smart processor, 13.56MHz also provides more security than lower frequency prox credentials. This also allows for the reader to power the card when it is within 4 inches of the reader. Through energy transfer between the reader and the integrated circuit, the smart card can send data transfers to the reader as well as receive data transfers from the reader. 

One Card, Multiple Systems
The HS4 smart credentials have allocated sectors within the chip, meaning there is additional data space to incorporate other systems such as cashless transactions, mass transit passes, etc.

1Kb and 4Kb Card Availability

The HS4 smart credentials are available in 1Kb and 4Kb sizes. Typically, 1 Kb credentials are best suited for users with less than 20 transactions per day.

Is the trademarked name for the global leading contactless read-write products.
  • MiFare
  • MiFare Plus
  • Ultralight C
  • DESFire
  • DESFireEV1
Near Field Communication (NFC)
HS4 smart credentials are Near Field Communication compatible, which utilizes the JUSTin SVN mobile app so that credentials can be updated on the fly and offsite.

All credentials can be wiped clean, reprogrammed, and reused. And, they are waterproof.

Credentials are available with the Hager powered by Salto logo or can be ordered without graphics so that credentials can be customized to show printed information such as user name and picture.

Construction Credentials
Construction credentials are available and provide construction workers access to different rooms during construction and are automatically deleted once the locks are initialized. 

ISO 14443 A B & ISO 15693
International standard for Contactless Smart Credentials operating at 13.56 MHz that defines the size and physical characteristics of the card, the RF power and signal interface, the initialization and anti-collision protocols, and the high-level data transmission protocols.